Outstanding Balance

Learn more about how outstanding balance works and what is its purpose of use

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What is Outstanding Balance?

Outstanding Balance refers to the amount of your Spending Limit that has been used for purchases and withdrawals plus accrued interest.

Outstanding Balance = Used Balance + Accrued Interest

How is interest calculated?

Interest will be calculated based on your Spending Power Used Balance (the amount of your Spending Limit used) and not your entire Spending Limit. Your Used Balance is not subject to any interest charges until 7 days after you use it to make purchases or withdrawals with your Crypto.com Card. After 7 days, 9.99% Annual Interest Rate will accrue on the Used Balance until it is paid in full.

How do I repay the Outstanding Balance?

You can repay your Outstanding Balance using your Crypto Wallet, Fiat Wallet, or Crypto.com Card Balance.

When a payment occurs, it will first be applied to accrued interest. When all the interest owed is fully repaid (meaning there is no interest owed), your payment will be applied to principal (the amount used).

Why am I seeing a different transaction amount captured in Spending Power & Card Tab under the same merchant name?

You would see different transaction amounts captured in Spending Power & Card Tab under the same merchant name when you are trying to perform a transaction but with available Card Top-Ups.

The reason accounts for the difference is:

  • Spending Power Tab: the amount refers to the amount used with the spending limit;

  • Card Tab: the amount refers to the actual spending amount (i.e. amount used with spending limit + amount used with Card Top-Ups);

To view the detailed breakdown, you can click on the transaction record in the Spending Power Tab.

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