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What Are the Supported Settlement Currencies? Pay for Business Supported Settlement Currencies

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Updated over a week ago Pay for Business supports the following Settlement Currencies for our merchants:

Fiat Currencies *


Min. Settlement Amount


100 USD


130 EUR


150 AUD


100 GBP

* Bank account must be in SEPA countries. See list of SEPA countries in here.

For fiat currencies payout, a transmittance fee may be applied depending on the intermediaries between your bank and our fiduciary partners. These are third parties that handle the wire transfer across countries and are outside of our control. Our fiduciary partners facilitate transfers to most of the international banks around the world.



Min. Settlement Amount

Transfer made via

Bitcoin (BTC)

0.01 BTC

Bitcoin blockchain

Ethereum (ETH)

0.1 ETH

Ethereum Network

Cronos (CRO)

500 CRO

Ethereum Network


100 USDC

Ethereum Network

A minimum blockchain transaction fee can be applied for small settlement amount. Please login to Merchant Dashboard and check the payout page for more details.

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