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How to download DeFi Desktop Wallet
How to download DeFi Desktop Wallet

Detailed information about DeFi Desktop Wallet

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Where can I download the latest DeFi Desktop Wallet?

You can download the extension using the following link:

Is there any restriction on the availability of the DeFi Desktop Wallet?

There are several locations where the Desktop Wallet App is unavailable. Please refer to our DeFi Desktop Wallet Geo-Restrictions FAQ.

If I forget the mnemonic phrase and password, can I still recover my account?

If you forget the password and didn't back up your mnemonic phrase, we cannot help with recovering the account, as the phrase is always encrypted with the password. Thus, it's really important to save the mnemonic phrase and password properly.

Why is my Ledger not connecting to the DeFi Desktop Wallet?

Мost ledger users are able to connect to DeFi Desktop Wallet efficiently, while some users may encounter connection issues. Below are the most common reasons that cause the connection problem between a Ledger device and the DeFi Desktop Wallet.

Here are some ways that you may refer to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Use the latest version of " App" & "Ethereum App" on Ledger

  • Wait several seconds after the App on the Ledger device is first opened

  • If you have connected the Ledger device to other applications, e.g. Ledger Live, close these applications since they could potentially occupy the Ledger connection channel

  • Restart your machine to clear off any potential connection channel occupancy

  • Check if your USB cable is working properly

  • Check if the USB port on your machine is working properly

I transferred CRO from the other CEX, such as Coinbase to the DeFi Desktop Wallet. Why is it not showing up in my wallet?

There are a few cases where users were trying to withdraw the CROs from Coinbase to Cronos. Please note that Coinbase only supports ERC20-CRO withdrawal. Our Desktop Wallet did not support Ethereum Chain in older releases. Since v1.3.0, users are able to view their ERC20 assets or balances on the Ethereum Chain. Please proceed to the Desktop Wallet Product Page to download our latest release.

Common errors occurred on the DeFi Desktop Wallet when performing transactions with a Ledger.

Common Errors

Possible Solution

An error happened! The transfer transaction failed. Please try again later. - Error -

test fail - TypeError - cannot open device with path


0000/Nano X@14300000/Nano X@0/AppleUserUSBHostHIDDevice

Reboot your machine and avoid other apps occupying the ledger connection channel

The transfer transaction failed. Please try again later. - Error - test fail -

TransportStatusError - ledger device -CLA_NOT_SUPPORTED

The main cause for this error is that you are using an older version of ledger firmware. Try to

upgrade the ledger on ledger lives and try it again.

How can I recover my existing wallet using a ledger on the desktop wallet?

Since the private key of Ledger wallets is always stored inside the Ledger device, you don't need the Mnemonic Phrases to restore a Ledger wallet on the Desktop Wallet.

You may just follow our "Create wallet in Desktop Wallet with Ledger device Guide" once again to restore your previously created Ledger wallet. Please note that you may still need to input the correct Address Index to derive your desired Ledger wallet address.

Additionally, you may also ensure that you have a proper firewall setting and the hardware wallet connection, which are the two common factors causing errors on the desktop wallet.

Where can I reset the App Password?

When you’ve forgotten your App Password, you can clear all app storage and reimport all wallets again by following part 7.4 in the instructions in the link below.

Please note that you should back up your seed phrase before doing the storage clearing, as all the storage in the application will be cleared, and you will be starting from a fresh start again.

The instruction for exporting the seed phrase is available in the same link.

How can I reset App Password when I forget the App Password and never create/restore any wallets?

In this case, there is no bar/tab in the UI. This case could potentially happen when:

  • You have installed & uninstalled the wallet app a long while ago; a password was created back then without any wallets created. Now that you install the wallet app again & find out that a password is already there (which was lost).

  • Or create a password already, and then forget it before you create any new wallets yet.

Note that in this case, you may not be able to go into the menu, even after deleting the app.

What you could do is remove the internal storage {name}.leveldb & {name}.blob in:

  • MacOS: /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/chain-desktop-wallet/IndexedDB

  • Windows: c:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\chain-desktop-wallet\IndexedDB

This action is the same as Clear Storage. When you reopen the app once again, you shall be able to reset your App Password.

I minted an NFT and sent it to my on-chain account, but it didn’t show up. What can I do with it?

There is a possibility that your NFT transaction failed. For successful transactions, you shall be able to see the minted NFT transaction record on our Explorer on your address page.

How can I participate in the Desktop Wallet development?

We always welcome our community members and contribute to our open-source Desktop Wallet GitHub repository. You may either create issues on topics ranging from feature requests, bug reports, and concerns or submit pull requests on your developed code. Our project owner will be happy to review your issues & codes.

I recently started staking CRO in DeFi Desktop Wallet but could not withdraw my rewards. It is showing the insufficient funds error. I did not check my default setting before.

You probably spent all of your CRO for staking and no more available CRO balance for the gas fee. You need to send a little bit of CRO to the address for gas to withdraw rewards.

I am a Ledger user and I don’t see where I can export my secret phrase for backup. I checked Settings > General Configuration > Export your Recovery Phrase but when scrolled down and didn’t see Export your Recovery Phrase.

It is not supported for export recovery phrases on a ledger wallet.

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