How to get started?

Step 1 - Enable Margin Trading

To enable margin trading, log into your account, and go to Trade > Spot [Beta], from the order form, you’ll find a margin toggle. Choose your order side (Buy / Sell) and order type and turn the switch on!

*Note margin trading is supported with limit and market orders only.

Step 2 - Adjust How Much to Borrow

There are two ways you can adjust your order:

  1. Edit order quantity, order value, and price (if placing a limit order) by entering the expected amount into the text field.

  2. Drag the little white dot over the slider. The transparent section indicates your available funds that can be used directly to make any trade without borrowing. The gradient section in color shows how much you can borrow to trade based on your account's available margin.

For information on how your margin calculation works, please refer to the “Smart Cross Margin Rules ” page.

As you move the white dot along, the informational text below the slider bar will show your borrowing amount over your account’s maximum borrowing limit.

Step 3 - Confirm Your Trade

After sending your order details, you’ll get a trade confirmation pop-up containing details of your trade. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed.

Step 4 - Repay Your Margin

After successfully placing a margin trade, the borrowed amount will be reflected as balance* in your Wallet > Loans tab under the associated virtual asset. To ‘repay’ the borrowed virtual asset, simply click “Deposit” or “Transfer” to move virtual assets from an external wallet or another Exchange account.

Applicable Coins

The margin toggle would not be actionable for coins where negative balances are not available.

Spot Pair

Margin Buy

Margin Sell











Margin Rates

An interest charge will be calculated compound in the native currency referencing the fee schedule detailed in the below FAQ (see “Current Interest Rates”) on an hourly basis:

The above stable coin interest rate will be applied to USDC only for the amount in excess of negative 30,000 for your USDC balance. For any negative balance greater than 30,000 USDC, no interest will be charged for that USDC.

How margin interest is calculated:

If the daily interest rate is 0.052% per day, the hourly interest rate is 0.00216667% (Hourly Interest = Daily Interest / 24)

Interest = Borrowed Virtual Assets *( (1+Hourly Interest Rate) * (Time in Hours) - 1)


If a user borrows 1,000 USDT at 12:05 PM, and ‘repays’ at 14:15 PM, the interest owed is 0.06500150835 USDT.

Interest = 1,000 * ((1+0.00216667%) * 3 - 1)

Interest = 0.06500150835

Adjusting Max Account Leverage

If you wish to change the max account leverage, click the gadget below the margin toggle. From the pop-up dialogue, select the max account leverage and confirm.

The final margin rate applied to an instrument is a function of Maximum Account Leverage, Maximum Product Leverage and Unit Margin Rate. Please refer to the Margin Rules page for further details.

* reserves the right to amend or update these terms at its sole discretion at any time. Please check this website for the latest risk parameters.

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