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How do I purchase tokens on the Wallet Extension?
How do I purchase tokens on the Wallet Extension?
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You can now purchase cryptocurrency with ease on the Wallet Extension with Pay. It takes just five simple steps:



1. Click Buy on the Wallet Extension homepage. Please note that the button will only be displayed if there are tokens available for purchase on your selected network.

2. Select the token you wish to purchase from the list. Alternatively, you can type in the name or ticker of the token you wish to purchase in the search bar.

3. Enter the amount you wish to purchase and ensure the network you selected is accurate.

4. Select Pay as the Payment Method.

5. Click Next once you’re ready to make your purchase. Please proceed to confirm your purchase via Pay (details here) and view your transaction details. Once complete, your purchase will be available in your wallet immediately.

We will be introducing more payment methods and features to enhance your Wallet Extension experience — stay tuned!

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