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What is the Wallet Extension and how do I download it?
What is the Wallet Extension and how do I download it?

Learn all about the Wallet Extension and how to get started with it

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What is the Wallet Extension?

The Wallet Extension is a web browser extension that allows you to easily purchase and swap cryptocurrencies, and seamlessly and securely connect your cryptocurrency wallet to decentralised applications (dapps). It supports over 4,000 tokens across multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cronos and most layer 2 chains.

You can easily decide whether to confirm transactions directly from your desktop browser with a new or imported wallet, or via the DeFi Wallet mobile app.

What web browsers are the Wallet Extension available on?

The Wallet Extension is currently available for the Google Chrome and Brave browsers. You can add the extension to either browser via this page.

How do I download the Wallet Extension?

1. Visit the Wallet Extension’s Chrome Web Store page.

2. Click Add to Chrome or Add to Brave, depending on your web browser.

3. Confirm that the extension has been added to your browser by clicking the ‘Extensions’ icon highlighted in the screenshot below. In the menu that appears, the | Wallet Extension logo and text should appear.

Why don’t I see the Wallet Extension icon in my web browser?

If you have successfully downloaded the Wallet Extension, but are not able to see it in the ‘Extensions’ menu, click Manage Extensions.

In the fullscreen ‘Extensions’ page, check that the | Wallet Extension is toggled on. You should now be able to see it in the ‘Extensions’ menu.

To ensure that the Wallet Extension is always visible in the ‘Extensions’ menu, click the ‘pin’ icon highlighted below.

How do the Wallet Extension and DeFi Wallet differ?

The Wallet Extension and DeFi Wallet differ in several ways:

1. The Wallet Extension is a desktop web browser extension, but the DeFi Wallet is a mobile app.

2. The Wallet Extension allows you to interact with dapps in your web browser. The DeFi Wallet lets you access them within the app instead.

3. You can link your DeFi Wallet to the Wallet Extension and approve transactions in the mobile app, although the functionality will be limited. When using the Wallet Extension, we recommend that you create a new cryptocurrency wallet or import an existing one.

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