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How do I swap tokens on the Wallet Extension?
How do I swap tokens on the Wallet Extension?
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You can easily swap tokens from several major blockchains from the Wallet Extension, with new networks being added on a regular basis.

Here’s how you can make a token swap in just seven steps:



1. Click Swap on the Wallet Extension homepage.

2. Ensure that you have selected the correct network for your token swap.

3. Select the tokens you wish to swap.

4. Enter the amount you wish to swap. You will then see the estimated amount you’ll receive. This amount does not take slippage into account, and the final amount will be shown in the next page.

5. In the Swap page, you will also be able to review:

a. The protocol facilitating your token swap

b. Your slippage tolerance

c. The estimated network fee

Please note that the final network fee will only be shown after you confirm your token swap. The estimated network fee displayed is usually higher than the actual network fee, in order to increase the probability of your transaction being successfully processed.

6. Click Swap once you have reviewed your token swap’s details.

7. Click Confirm after you have reviewed the transaction details.

Please be reminded to review the list of restricted jurisdictions before confirming your swap. By confirming the swap, you are declaring that you are not a citizen or resident of a restricted jurisdiction.

Once confirmed, you can view your swap in the Activity tab.

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