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How does the uncapped 1% deposit bonus work?

Prime members can participate in limited-time campaigns to earn a 1% bonus on eligible fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, which vary by campaign¹. Bonuses earned during the campaign are locked for 24 months.

Please follow the steps below to manage your deposits and view your bonuses:

Tap Deposit Bonus on the membership screen

The Current tab displays:

  • Current and upcoming campaigns

  • Bonus amount%

Tap the Deposit button to earn bonuses in the current campaign.

The Completed tab displays:

  • Past campaigns

  • Your locked and unlocked bonuses

¹Additional Notes:

  • The duration, qualifying conditions, and terms and conditions of each campaign may vary, so please read the details set out on the Prime membership site and the associated hyperlinks for relevant and timely information on the campaign specifics.

  • Deposit bonus may not be available in every jurisdiction in which Prime Services are available.

  • Only customers of who are already Prime customers at the commencement of a campaign are eligible to participate in that campaign. You also need to continue being a Prime customer through to the end of the campaign to be eligible for the deposit bonus associated with that campaign.

  • Only deposits that are added to your Prime membership during the term of a campaign qualify for the bonus associated with the campaign. To be clear, any fiat or digital asset/cryptocurrency already in your App before the commencement of the campaign will not qualify.

  • Your qualifying deposits will be determined at the end of the campaign.

  • Your rewards will be paid out in a cryptocurrency determined by (per the campaign and/or Prime terms and conditions) and will likely be paid out in CRO.

  • You may deposit as much fiat and/or digital assets/cryptocurrencies above the Minimum Asset Base as you wish to. Please note that deposits must be comprised of a mixture of eligible fiat and digital assets/cryptocurrencies.

  • Deposits can be made by way of Crypto Wallet balance, on-chain staking, CRO cardholder staking, CRO staking, Crypto Earn balance but excludes any loans (as applicable in your jurisdiction)

  • The deposits will be locked in your account for twenty-four (24) calendar months from the end of the campaign period, before being released for your use and/or withdrawal from the App (provided you maintain the Minimum Asset Base to continue to be eligible for Prime Services).

  • Should you cease to be a Prime customer and/or App customer during the lock-up period of twenty-four (24) months, reserves the right to clawback or rescind any part of the rewards from you/your account without further notice to you.

  • does not take legal or equitable responsibility for (i) any changes in the market value of the rewards while they remain locked in your account and/or (ii) any changes in the market value of your deposits (including Minimum Asset Base) you elect to maintain with for any campaign.

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