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What is Prime? Prime is a membership programme designed for high net worth traders building generational wealth.

Prime users enjoy unrivalled benefits across the App, including¹:

  • Uncapped 1% bonus on all eligible fiat and crypto deposits;

  • Maximum 0.02% trading fees per qualifying trade;

  • Access to the Prime Trade dashboard, which features premium Buy/Sell quotes, real-time price charts, and more;

  • Support for large trades, limit orders;

  • US$1 million account protection³;

  • Unlimited, zero-fee fiat deposits and withdrawals⁴;

  • Entitlement to the Prime Visa Card;

  • Dedicated relationship manager and 24/7 priority chat;

  • Bespoke wealth services, including estate disbursement and tax services.

Members must meet eligibility requirements, and the programme is invite-only at launch.

Benefits availability varies by jurisdiction.

Where is Prime available? Prime is currently available in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, the European Economic Area, and South Africa.

What are the requirements for Prime membership?

Currently, Prime is invite-only. Members must have a minimum deposit of US$1 million (‘Minimum Asset Base’), which can be comprised of eligible fiat and cryptocurrencies. The Minimum Asset Base must be maintained for access to Prime benefits⁵.

I’ve been invited to Prime. How do I join?

Upon receiving your invitation, please follow the steps below to activate Prime:

Tap the Prime icon on the top-right corner of the home screen

Review and accept the Prime T&Cs, and tap Activate Prime

You are now a Prime member!

After activating Prime, you will see the membership screen

Tap Back to return to the home screen

Should your deposit amount ever fall below US$1 million, you will lose access to the membership screen.

Instead, you will see the screen below, which tracks the additional deposit amount required for you to become a Prime member again.

Tap the Deposit button to transfer more funds into your account.

What is the Price Ladder?

A feature exclusive to Prime members, the Price Ladder displays the estimated prices for buying and selling a token in specified quantities. It is available on every token screen and provides valuable insights about fulfilling an order of a particular size.

It is typical to observe a rise in the estimated price when placing a large buy order, as these orders absorb more liquidity from the market. Conversely, it's common to see a decline in the estimated price when placing a large sell order, as these orders inject more liquidity into the market.

What is the Indicative Price?

Indicative Price is the estimated price at which a trade will be executed. It is calculated based on real-time market data, factors like supply and demand, recent trading activity, and other market indicators.

The final execution price may vary from the Indicative Price because of market fluctuations and other factors.

What is the Mid Price?

The Mid Price is the average of the Bid Price (the highest price a buyer is willing to pay) and the Ask Price (the lowest price a seller is willing to accept). Also known as the midpoint or the average price, the Mid Price is a reference point for determining the current market price of an asset.

The final execution price may vary from the Mid Price because of market fluctuations and other factors.

What is the Prime Visa Card?

The Prime Visa Card is an exquisitely crafted metal card that elevates your spending, lifestyle, and travel experiences with bespoke services and benefits⁶.

Available exclusively to Prime users starting mid-2024, it offers memberships to the world’s top hotel chains, private aviation, luxury travel itineraries, premium hospitality at global sporting events, and many more unmatched privileges.

Here’s how you can be the first to know when the Prime Visa Card launches:

On the membership screen, tap Join the Waitlist under Prime Visa Card

¹ Prime members do not qualify for and cannot avail themselves of the Rewards+ programme.

² Recurring Buy is not available.

³ The same minimum conditions for relief as the Account Protection Programme set out in this FAQ applies. All Prime users will be eligible for the Account Protection Programme, including the enhanced recovery limits set out in the aforementioned FAQ.

⁴ Subject to the maximum permitted by your banking service providers’ account limits.

⁵ Should the Minimum Asset Base fall below the requirement threshold at any time, including as a result of mark-to-market value of the cryptocurrencies or fiat currency foreign exchange fluctuations, the user will cease to qualify for Prime.

⁶ The Prime Visa Card may not be available in your jurisdiction or you may need to accept card-specific terms and conditions as a pre-requisite.

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