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Fiat Wallet - Top up to USD Fiat Wallet via Debit Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay
Fiat Wallet - Top up to USD Fiat Wallet via Debit Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay
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We are rolling out a feature that allows you to use your debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay to top up your USD fiat wallet instantly.

How to top up USD Fiat Wallet using debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay:

  1. Go to Fiat Wallet

  2. Choose USD

  3. Choose Debit Card

  4. Choose one of the following:

    1. A previously saved debit card listed

    2. Apple Pay or Google Pay depending on your operating system

    3. Add payment method

  5. Enter the amount

  6. Accept the card fee and attest that the card to be used belongs to you

  7. Confirm on the amount, fee and topped up amount

What are the limits of this payment channel?

Card Lockup


Maximum (monthly)

Card / Google Pay

Maximum (monthly)

Apple Pay

No Card / Midnight Blue




Ruby Steel




Royal Indigo / Jade Green




Icy White / Rose Gold




Obsidian Black




What are the fees associated?



Debit Card*


Apple Pay / Google Pay**

1.99% (Promo rate)

* Note that your card issuer may impose additional fees on top of the fee charged by Please consult your card issuer prior to making a top up.

** Apple Pay / Google Pay at 1.99% is a promotional rate and will remain in place until further notice.

When is this feature available to me?

We are rolling this feature out and we will send you an email notification when it is available to you.

Why is my issuing bank charging me another fee for topping up my fiat wallet?

Some financial institutions may charge a fee on top of the fiat wallet transaction as per their terms and conditions with you. Please contact your issuing bank for more information.

What cards are accepted?

We accept Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit / Maestro that are issued by a US financial institution.

How many cards can I save?

You can save a maximum of 5 cards in the app. For this flow, you’ll only see debit cards listed. If you need to add another card, you will have to delete one of the 5 first.

Why am I not seeing all my cards that I have saved in the app?

Only debit cards are supported in this flow and hence you will not be able to see/choose credit cards that you have saved in the app via other channels.

Why does the app say “Please use a locally issued card” when my card is from the US?

If this is a debit card saved on the app a while back, the information might have been outdated. Please delete and save the card again.

Can I use my card to top up my fiat wallet?

Currently this is not possible - the transaction will be rejected as per policy.

Why was my transaction rejected?

There could be several reasons. A common reason is that the transaction was not completed in time with the correct 3DS response. Another reason could be the financial institution that issued your card may have certain risk policies that restrict the use of your card. In such cases, please contact your card issuer for assistance.

Please also note that using a credit card via Apple Pay or Google Pay might result in declines / transaction failures. In addition, the card issuer might impose additional fees on top of the transaction.

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