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For proof of residential address verification, one of the following documents under your name (issued within 3 months) is accepted:

  • Utility bill 

  • Correspondence from a Government department or agency 

  • Statement/letters issued by a bank/financial institution, or an authorized insurer (for credit card statement, please mask the card number).

  • Valid Government ID

When capturing a document, please keep in mind to: 

  • Capture its full form with all four corners; a partial scan of a document is not accepted.

  • Capture a printed document or a digital copy through a computer screen

  • Keep the document unaltered, except when masking bank account or card numbers.

  • Capture the document vertically (in portrait mode) to ensure the full document is captured, do not capture it in landscape mode.

What do you do with my information?

Crypto.com only uses the information for the purpose of address verification as required by applicable laws and regulations. Crypto.com does not use the information submitted by an applicant for other use. 

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