During the registration process, we ask you to provide us with your full legal name, a picture of government-issued ID and a “selfie.” Account opening is exclusively through the app, so please don’t send us the required information by email or through the in-app chat.

The following steps will help you to go through the verification process faster:

  1.  Full Legal Name: Make sure that the name you type is the same as the one on the document you provide. However, if the document uses abbreviations or initials, please use your full names instead. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes, either.
  2. Take a Good ID Picture: Take the picture of the ID in a well-lit environment.  Make sure all four corners of the document are visible and there are no reflections (if your phone’s flashlight is on, be sure to switch it off). Clean the lens, hold the phone steady, position the camera in a way that the picture frame touches the edges of the document – once it does, the picture will be taken automatically. After the picture has been captured, make sure that the information on it is legible. If you’re not sure of the quality, retake the picture before submitting.
  3. Take a Good Selfie Picture: When taking the selfie, hold the camera steady and follow the green dot with your eyes (this process uses video and photo camera), without turning your head. Try to remain still as much as possible – it won’t take long!

Please note: In the majority of the cases, the best document to use is your passport (US citizens and residents, however, are required to submit their Driving License). If you don’t have a passport, a National ID or a Driving License will usually suffice.

After Submission: Once your ID and selfie are submitted, your Document & Selfie status in the Settings section of the app will show "Pending" meaning your application is pending verification. This is a case-by-case process and may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on many factors (e.g. your country of application, nationality, quality of the pictures, etc.) If your status does not change within five business days, please contact Support through the in-app chat (Settings/Contact Support). You may be asked to provide us with additional information. Please be mindful of our instructions and never send us any personal information we did not request (including pictures, scans, pdfs, etc.)

If your Document & Selfie status changes to “Incomplete”, it means that there was an issue with one or more of the above-listed elements in your application and we need you to repeat the process. Tap the Document & Selfie line in Settings and follow the ID/selfie submission process again. If it happens 2-3 times and you’re not receiving any communication from us, please use the in-app chat to find out more about the issue.

If, for any reason, you are receiving error messages during the process, please read this article.

After your verification is completed and your status changed to “Approved,” with the updated app, you can proceed to the app and locking up your MCO.

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