What is PayString?

PayString is a payment identifier protocol developed by Ripple and provides a single ID for anyone needing to send or receive money.

You can register for your unique PayString, username$paystring.crypto.com, which will allow you and other senders to deposit funds into the Crypto.com App with ease.

Supported cryptocurrencies for PayString deposits:


You can also whitelist external PayString to withdraw funds from the Crypto.com App. Depending on the external PayString, most of the Crypto.com App listed coins can be withdrawn to the whitelisted PayString.

Supported cryptocurrencies for PayString withdrawals:

BTC, XRP, ETH and supported ERC-20 tokens i.e. CRO

When can I register for a PayString?

Users eligible for early registration will be able to register first during the exclusive registration period from 19 October- 2 November, 2020 00:00 UTC. All users can register afterwards.

As each PayString is unique and tied to one user only, the usernames will be registered on a first come first serve basis.

Early registration eligibility:

How do I register for a PayString?

  1. Go to ‘PayString’ under ‘Settings’ in the Crypto.com App

  2. Tap on ‘Register a PayString

  3. Enter a unique username*

  4. Confirm your registration

  5. By default all 4 coins (CRO, ETH, BTC and XRP) are linked to this PayString, you can choose to unlink the coins

*Username must be between 3-164 characters (digits: “0-9”; letters: “a-z” (all should be small) and special characters: “. - _”)

How do I deposit with my PayString?

  1. Complete the PayString registration

  2. Go to Crypto Wallet and select Transfer > Deposit

  3. Select the coin (BTC, XRP, ETH or CRO) you want to deposit and tap on PayString

  4. Tap on the copy button to copy your PayString
    - If the preferred coined is unlinked, press ‘edit’ to link it

  5. Exit the Crypto.com App to an external wallet

  6. Paste your PayString to your external wallet’s withdrawal section and follow the external wallet’s withdrawal steps

How do I add a PayString to whitelist for withdrawals?

  1. Go to Crypto Wallet and select Transfer > Withdraw > External Wallet > PayString> + Add New PayString

  2. Enter the external PayString and confirm

How do I withdraw with PayString?

  1. Go to Crypto Wallet and select Transfer > Withdraw

  2. Select the receiving PayString to withdraw to. If you haven’t added a PayString to whitelist, add one first.

  3. Select coin and amount for withdrawal and confirm

  1. Go to Settings > PayString

  2. Tap on Edit

  3. Select coins to link or unlink

How do I remove PayString from whitelist?

  1. Go to Crypto Wallet and select Transfer > Withdraw > External Wallet > PayString

  2. Swipe left on the PayString you would like to remove

  3. Tap on the delete icon and confirm removal

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