CRO is a multi-network Token supported by Ethereum’s ERC20 and’s native chain - Chain. Click here for more information on Chain.

You can now deposit and withdraw either CRO (ERC20) and CRO via the App. Click here for more details on which network type our other tokens use.

If you store your CROs in an external wallet, you can also choose to perform the burn by depositing CRO (ERC20) into your App and withdrawing CRO back to your external wallet. Click here for more information on Token Migration.

When trading (e.g Buy, Sell, Stake) or transferring (e.g Send to friends, to’s Exchange) CRO, the network type won’t be taken into account as this is all within’s ecosystem. You only need to choose network type when depositing or withdrawing from external wallets, including the Defi Wallet.

How do I deposit native CRO?

1. At Home, tap Transfer > Deposit > Crypto

2. Select Coin

3. In the Deposit Drawer, choose to deposit CRO or CRO(ERC20)

4. Copy the address and navigate to your external wallet to complete the deposit

* Please note that depositing CRO requires both memo and address for us to identify the deposit

How do I withdraw native CRO?

  1. At Home, tap Transfer > Withdraw

  2. Select either External Wallet or Defi Wallet*

  3. If you have selected External Wallet, tap on + > Wallet Address to whitelist a new native CRO address

  4. Fill out your native CRO address, Wallet Name, and memo field if you are withdrawing to another exchange

  5. Tap on ‘no memo required for my wallet’ if you are withdrawing to a decentralized wallet

  6. Proceed with withdrawal after whitelisting your native CRO address

    * there is no need to differentiate CRO or CRO ERC20 when withdrawing to Exchange or sending to other users on the App as that is within the ecosystem


Native CRO


Chain Chain


Address Format

Starts with “cro…”

Starts with “0x…”

Memo required

Required when depositing or withdrawing to other exchanges

Not required

Withdrawal Fee

0.001 CRO

200 CRO

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