What is Cronos bridge in Crypto.com DeFi Wallet?

Cronos bridge is integrated into DeFi Wallet so users can transfer assets between blockchains right from their own wallets. Cronos bridge currently supports CRO transfer between Crypto.org and Cronos. Cross-chain bridging between Ethereum and Cronos is planned to be launched soon to mobilize users’ ERC20 tokens like ETH, WBTC, USDT, DAT, etc.

You can explore more details about Cronos bridge here.

Click here to know how to transfer ERC20 CRO from Ethereum to Cronos.

How to use the Cronos Bridge in DeFi Wallet?

1. Connect your wallet

Once you are on the bridge landing page in DeFi Wallet, the bridge will be automatically connected to the wallet account you are currently using.

2. Complete the transfer request

  • Select Network and Token

    • Select the origin chain from the From selector and the destination chain from the To selector in the bridge interface.

    • Once the networks are chosen, select the asset you would like to transfer in the token selector below. In the popup menu, you can see the list of token options which can be bridged from the previously selected origin network to the destination network. The balance of each token in the current wallet on the origin network is also displayed.

*In the popup menu to select a network, the wallet address displayed under each network option is the wallet address, on the corresponding network, of the token currently being selected in the token selector.

  • Enter the amount

    • Once the network and asset have been chosen, input and confirm the amount you would like to transfer. The equivalent fiat value of the input amount is displayed under the input box for your reference.

    • Once all the transfer settings are confirmed, click the Transfer button to proceed to the transaction confirmation page where you can review the transaction summary.

*Before you bridge a large amount, we encourage testing a minor transfer first to ensure all the settings are correct.

3. Confirm the transaction request

  • Network Fees

After the amount is entered, the bridge network fees will be calculated accordingly. We will calculate related fees and an estimate on how much you will receive in the end.

Depending on the network, the final amount may vary slightly due to a range setting of the transaction (gas) fees.

Our decentralized bridge protocol does not impose a minimum and maximum amount.

  • Bridge Service Fees

For the transfer between Crypto.com and Cronos, we got your bridge fee covered!

Once you think the transaction is good to go, click the Confirm button to submit your transfer request.

*Please note that after bridging the tokens, they will be converted into the destination blockchain-supported tokens.

4. Bridging assets

After the transaction is confirmed, the bridge operation will commence.

First, we will initiate and wait for the deposit of the assets in the origin chain.

Once the deposit is confirmed, we will initiate the transfer in the destination chain to your desired receiving wallet address.

Both transactions will include an external link to view and monitor the transaction on-chain via scanning utilities such as Cronos and Crypto.org explorer.

Even if you dismiss, quit, or refresh the page, a small popup reminder will be available to indicate an in-progress transaction.

A transfer completed message will finally confirm that the transaction has been completed successfully. You may also see a full record of past transactions tied to your wallet in the History tab.

Thank you for using the Cronos bridge and supporting the Crypto.org ecosystem!

5. Transaction Record

You can always track and review every submitted transaction on the transaction record page.

How can I bridge my ERC20 CRO from Ethereum to Cronos?

While the bridge service between Ethereum and Cronos is not ready to be online yet, DeFi Wallet has provided a Migration Tool to transfer ERC20 CRO to Crypto.org CRO. Users can use this tool to migrate their ERC20 CRO to Crypto.org chain first, and then use Cronos Bridge to transfer native CRO from Crypto.org chain to Cronos. Please check this help post to know more about Migration Tool on DeFi Wallet.

What are the fees involved?

  • The fees displayed are network gas fees for the blockchain infrastructure charges itself to process the transactions and vary depending on the network.

  • For any bridge transaction, network gas fees are incurred on two chains: origin and destination.

    • For the origin chain gas fee, this will be displayed and settled directly on your wallet extension.

    • For the destination chain gas fee, our decentralized bridge is tasked to collect the appropriate gas fee and pay the network.

  • Bridge Service Fee (destination chain gas fee) waiver

    • For transfers between Crypto.org and Cronos, we will cover and waive the bridge service fees! Welcome to the Cronos ecosystem!

How fast is the transfer?

The transfer fee depends on the origin and destination chain.

Can I transfer assets to a different wallet than my own?

Currently, we only support the transfers between addresses within the same wallet.

What are the support blockchains and tokens?

  • The networks supported are Crypto.org and Cronos

  • To transfer between Crypto.org and Ethereum, please use CRO Migration Tool.

Can I complete multiple transfers in one go?

  • While it is possible to have multiple ongoing transactions, we recommend having one transaction at a time, even if there is some waiting time to avoid issues and duplication.

Where can I receive support and troubleshooting?

Where can I report bugs and provide product feedback?

How do I find my missing funds?

  • Please check the transaction history table for your past transactions. If your transactions are not on the list, it was likely not initiated at all.

If you believe you still have missing funds, please contact us at [email protected].

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