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How do I bridge cryptos across different blockchains in DeFi Wallet?

We launched the Cronos Bridge feature to provide you with a secure and convenient way to transfer your crypto assets across different blockchains through the DeFi Wallet.

Follow the simple steps below to make a transfer:

  1. Go to the wallet of the token you want to transfer or the Swap page and tap on the bridge tab

  2. Select the networks and tokens

    1. Choose the source network and swapped token in the From field

    2. Choose the destination network and the receiving token in the To field

  3. Enter the amount

    1. The equivalent fiat value or your swap (at that time) will be displayed for your reference

    2. Before transferring a large amount, we recommend transferring smaller amounts first

  4. Tap Confirm to Transfer

    1. Note on Network Fees: After the amount is entered, we will calculate the related fees and an estimate on how much you may receive. Depending on the network, the final amount may vary slightly because of gas fees. There is no minimum and maximum transfer amount, and bridge service fees are waived for now.

  5. Verify the transaction by inputting your passcode and 2FA authentication

  6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

    1. You will see a confirmation screen once the transfer has been completed

  7. Check historical transaction in the bridge transaction page

Note: You can check your bridge transactions by going to the Bridge Transactions page, or the individual wallet of the token you transferred.

1. Connect to the App

2. Tap Swap at the bottom navigation panel on the bottom menu

3. Tap on the Bridge tab page. Choose the From network, To network, and token

4. Choose the From and To network that you would like to bridge your tokens

5. Select the token you want to transfer

6. Key in the transfer amount

7. Click on Transfer and check your transaction.

8. Tap Confirm to Transfer to proceed with the transaction

9. Enter your passcode and 2FA code

10. View your transaction details

11. You’ll be notified when the transaction is complete. Wait for transaction completion notification

12. View your transaction details in Transaction History

What is Cronos Bridge?

Cronos Bridge allows users to transfer assets between blockchains through the DeFi Wallet. It currently supports CRO transfers between the Cronos POS Chain and Cronos, as well as ATOM transfers between Cosmos and Cronos. Cross-chain bridging between Ethereum and Cronos will be launched soon, and it will support ERC20 tokens like ETH, WBTC, USDT, and DAT.

You can learn more about Cronos Bridge here.

How can I bridge my ERC20 CRO from Ethereum to Cronos?

While the bridge service between Ethereum and Cronos is in the works, DeFi Wallet has provided a Migration Tool to transfer ERC20 CRO to CRO. Users can use this tool to migrate their ERC20 CRO to the Cronos POS Chain first, and then use Cronos Bridge to transfer native CRO from the Cronos POS Chain to Cronos. Please visit our Help Centre to learn more about the Migration Tool in DeFi Wallet.

What are the fees involved?

The fees displayed are network gas fees the network charges to process transactions, and may vary depending on the network.

For any bridge transaction, network gas fees are incurred on two chains:

  • The source network gas fee will be displayed and settled directly in your wallet

  • The destination network gas fee will be collected by our decentralised bridge and used to pay the network

The Bridge Service Fee to pay the destination network gas fee will be waived for now as our way to welcome users into the Cronos ecosystem!

What are the support blockchains and tokens?

We currently support bridging CRO between the Cronos POS Chain and Cronos, as well as ATOM between Cosmos and Cronos. To transfer between Cronos POS and Ethereum, please use the CRO Migration Tool.

How fast is the transfer?

The transfer speed depends on the source and destination network.

Can I transfer assets to a different wallet than my own?

Currently, we only support transfers between addresses within the same wallet.

Can I make multiple transfers in one go?

While it is possible to have multiple ongoing transactions, we recommend making one transaction at a time.

Why is the status of my transaction always pending - Request Submitted?

If you are bridging ATOM between Cosmos and Cronos, we will not update the status of your transaction (it will always show Request Submitted) because the indexing service is not ready yet. But it won’t affect the success of your transaction, and you are able to check the status via the on-chain Explorer or from your ATOM Wallet.

If you still didn’t receive the transfer on the destination network after an hour, please reach out to Customer Support at [email protected].

Where can I receive support?

For troubleshooting or general questions, please contact [email protected].

Where can I report bugs and provide product feedback?

How do I find my missing funds?

Please check the Bridge Transaction page to view your past transactions. If your transaction cannot be found, it was likely not initiated at all.

If you believe your funds are missing, please contact us at [email protected].

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