CRO Staking Benefits

Staking CRO on the Exchange will give you the following benefits:

*Negative trading fees only apply to VIP 1 retail traders.

How to Stake CRO on the Exchange

In order to stake CRO on the Exchange, you will first need to have CRO in your Exchange wallet. 

1. Log in to Exchange

2. Select Stake & Earn

3. Select Stake CRO

Your available CRO balance will be displayed to show the maximum stakeable CRO amount. To receive CRO rebate on trading fees, a minimum of 5,000 CRO must be staked while paying the fees in CRO.

5. Input the CRO amount to stake and select Review Staking.
6. Select Confirm to Stake after reviewing the staking details.
 7. Upon successfully staking, you will see the CRO amount staked and remaining days until it can be withdrawn. 

Note: CRO staking is for 180 days and can only be withdrawn in full once the period is over. 

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