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New Exchange User Incentives

Information about Exchange rebates & sign-up.

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We are pleased to offer market-leading benefits for Exchange users to take advantage of, including:

Earn Rebates

Our trading fees are volume-based: get more discounts as your trading volume increases. In addition, get trading fee rebates when you lock up CRO.

Lockup CRO for 180 days and earn 8% p.a. daily, paid in CRO.

Moreover, hold crypto on your Exchange account and earn daily rewards. Enable Soft Lockup and earn daily rewards. Visit Soft Lockup for more information.

Get up to $50 USD worth of CRO when signing up with a referral code/link.

When referred by an existing user, you are eligible for up to $50 USD worth of CRO when you upgrade to Advanced KYC level and lockup 1,000 or more CRO on your first lockup.

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