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Referral Program - Exchange

Information about referral bonuses on the Exchange

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Get rewarded up to USD $2,000 (in CRO) for every friend you refer to the Exchange AND 50% of their trading fees!

  • No referral limits - You can refer as many friends as you want; you and your friends will each be rewarded upon meeting the requirements.

  • Bonus credited instantly - Referrer and Referee* will receive their bonuses immediately once all conditions are met.

*Referee's requirements and information can be found here

How do I refer others to the Exchange?

  1. Go to the Referral page, once you've logged on to your Exchange account

  2. Copy your referral code or referral link and share it with your referral(s)

Note: This Referral Code can be the same as your BG25 referral program for the App, but the Referral Link is different.

Referral Program is NOT cross-platform: As a App-only user, your referral code will not be valid for Exchange sign-ups and vice versa.

i.e. referrer must have an account on the same platform as his/her referrals

What do I receive for successfully referring new users to the Exchange?

You will be credited with a referral bonus and 12 months of trading commission when a referee signs up to the Exchange with your referral code/link and completed both of the following:

  • Successfully verified KYC at the Advanced level

  • Completed their first CRO lockup* on the Exchange

Referral Bonus

The referrer's bonus, credited in CRO, is based on the referee’s first CRO locked up amount*.

Referral bonus - CRO

(USD equivalent)

Referee's First CRO Lockup


Locked up 1 000 CRO


Locked up 5 000 CRO


Locked up 10 000 CRO


Locked up 50 000 CRO


Locked up 100 000 CRO


Locked up 500 000 CRO

$1 000

Locked up 1 000 000 CRO

$2 000

Locked up 5 000 000 CRO

*First CRO Lockup is the amount of CRO first locked up by the referee

*CRO received as bonus does not count towards this lockuprequirement.

Bonuses not included in First CRO Lockup

Trade Commission

In addition to the referral bonus, you are eligible for 12 months of trade commission.

Referrer’s trading fee commission

  • Calculated as 50% of the referee’s NET trading fees for 12 months (starting from referee's registration date)

  • NET trading fees (after all lockup and trading volume discounts are applied)

  • Paid once daily to referrer’s CRO Wallet, covering all of the referrer's referrals.

How to qualify for the referral bonus or trade commission?

Referrers can share their referral link and/or referral code without having any conditions met. However they will not receive the referral bonus and trading fee commission until the following criteria are both met.

Referrer's requirements

  • Successfully verified KYC at the Advanced level

  • Locked up at least 1000 CRO on the Exchange

  • Referral program is not available in the following jurisdictions: United Kingdom

During this period, the referral bonus from his/her referee(s) is ‘on hold’. Referrer will not be eligible for the trading fee commission either.

Once the referrer has met both of the program conditions above, all referral bonus ( previously ‘on hold’) will be credited to him/her but the trading fees paid by the referee prior will not be retroactively applied.

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