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How do I access Pay Your Friends?

How do I receive Pay Rewards from sending payments to my friends?

When you send CRO to your friends, you are entitled to receive Pay Rewards, up to USD $5 equivalent every month. App users will be rewarded with up to 10% cashback if he/she:

Details are as follows:


Users with an active deposit term of 10,000 CRO or more in Crypto Earn (with tenure of 3 months)


CRO Lockup or Cardholder CRO Stake of 10.000 or more in App


Locked up 10,000 CRO or more in Exchange

All other users

Pay Your Friends cashback

10% (monthly maximum of $5 USD)


Mobile Airtime Cashback



Gift Cards Cashback



Pay Checkout Cashback



What is the minimum transfer amount and is there a fee?

There is no minimum transfer amount. However, please note that Pay Rewards (measured in CRO) will only be granted if its fiat equivalent is greater than USD $0.01.

There is no fee, as the transfer happens off-chain.

Is there a daily transfer limit?

You can transfer up to 50,000 USD or equivalent every 24 hours.

How do you come up with my contact list on the App?

In order to use Pay Your Friends, you need to add the country codes manually to your friends' phone numbers. Transfers can even be done internationally!

What happens when I send a payment to a contact who is not a App user?

You will have a pending payment to your contact, and the payment is only completed when he or she successfully registers a account within seven days. will send an SMS text message to your contact to notify him or her about this payment. If requirements are met, you may also receive a referral bonus.

Do the pending payments expire?

Yes, pending payments must be accepted within seven days. Expired payments will be given back to the sender. An SMS text message will be sent to the intended recipient whenever a payment has expired.

Can I cancel pending payments?

Yes, you can

  1. In the 'Pay' section tap on 'History'

  2. Tap on 'Pending' and select the payment

  3. Tap "Cancel Payment"

  4. Confirm the cancellation

  5. An SMS text message will be sent to the intended recipient whenever a payment has been canceled.

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