Deposit your preferred crypto into Crypto Earn to start accruing interest daily to grow your crypto assets.

Note: CRO deposits in Earn differs from CRO staking. Please refer here on how to stake your CRO for the MCO Visa card.

How to participate? 

  1. Go into the Super App Menu from the homepage

2. In the App’s Crypto Earn screen, select your preferred term and choose to make a deposit with:

  • EOS***, XLM***, XTZ***
  • USDT**

*PAX/TUSD/TAUD/TCAD/TGBP/USDC are not supported for Singapore users

**USDT is not supported for U.S. users

***EOS, XLM and XTZ are not supported for U.S. users in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont and Washington

3. Once the deposit is confirmed, interest will start to accrue immediately

Who can participate in Crypto Earn? App approved users except citizens and residents of Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, or Malta. Efforts are underway to make these products available to these jurisdictions.

What are the holding term options and APR?

There are three holding term options as follows:

  • Flexible holding term
  • 1-month fixed term
  • 3-month fixed term

Users can enjoy better annual interest rate (APR) when they haveCRO staked. Private members will enjoy an additional 2% p.a. interest (paid in CRO) on all new fixed term deposits*

*Not applicable for CRO

Can I make more than one deposit for Crypto Earn?

Yes. You can have multiple active deposits, as long as the limit is within the following USD equivalent for all deposits combined. 

(e.g. You are currently staking 500 MCO.  You can have 2 deposits for the 1-month term, 3 deposits for the 3-month term, and 2 deposits for the flexible term - a total of which does not surpass USD $500,000 equivalent)

Can I deposit different cryptos for different terms?

Yes, you can.

(e.g. you can make a deposit in TUSD and another deposit in BTC for the 1-month term, and one deposit of TUSD, BTC, and PAX each for the 3-month term).

What are the deposit limits for Crypto Earn?

Maximum Limit

Minimum Limit

For flexible term, the interest accrual will pause for a user if they have less than the following amounts, and resume once the deposit balance increases above these thresholds:

Minimum threshold

How is the daily interest calculated?

Interest calculations take place at UTC 00:00:00 daily.

Fixed term calculation formula for the daily interest

Daily Interest = Principal amount (in original cryptocurrency) x (APR/365)

[(e.g. If you’ve staked CRO Tokens, opted for a 1-month term and deposited 1 BTC, your calculation will be 1 x (16%/365)]

Flexible term calculation formula for the daily interest

Daily Interest = Minimum Daily Balance x (APR/365)

[The minimum daily balance is the minimum balance for the users’ crypto asset under Crypto Earn flexible term between UTC 00:00:00 and UTC 23:59:59 every day]


  • Interest for Flexible Term will start to accrue a day after you make a deposit.
  • APR will change if you choose to stake/unstake CRO in the middle of your deposit term.

When will I receive the interests from my deposit(s)?

You will receive your total accumulated interest every 7 days. It will be deposited into your crypto wallet, and will be available for use immediately. 

What currency will the interest be paid out in?

The interest will be paid out in the same currency as your deposit currency (e.g. if you deposit BTC, you will earn interest in BTC).

Where can I see the accrued interests from my active deposit(s)?

You can see the daily interest from active deposits accumulate in the Crypto Earn home screen under ‘Total Earnings’.

What happens when I reach the end of a fixed term?

Your fixed term deposits will be automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet in the App.

How to withdraw from Flexible term?

  1. Tap on the "-" Icon (upper left hand corner)

2. Select the crypto to withdraw

3. Input the amount to withdraw

4. Confirm the withdraw

5 Withdrawn crypto amount will be back to your crypto wallet in the App

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