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How to Connect App to DeFi Wallet

1, You can start the connection via:

Home Screen > Explore Card [Connect to App]
Settings > [Connect to App]

2. Tap to acknowledge the disclaimers and tap [Continue]

3. Enter your App account email

4. Check for the “Authorize connection” email in your mailbox

5. Tap [Connect] from the connection email on the device that has your DeFi Wallet

6. Enter your App 6-digit passcode

7. Tap [Authorize] to launch DeFi Wallet

8. See “Connection success” modal and receive “Connection success” email

You may now transfer crypto by following the steps detailed in the links below:

From your DeFi Wallet to App
From your App to DeFi Wallet

Why did I fail to receive the connection authorization / success email?

Fail to receive “Authorize connection” email:

  • Make sure you didn’t misspell your email address in step 3, you may resend the connection email (please always use the latest sent email to start the authorization flow)

  • Make sure you are a KYC-approved user on the App

Fail to receive “Connection success” email:

  • Make sure you are tapping the [Connect] button from the connection email on the device that has your DeFi Wallet to complete steps 6 & 7.

  • Make sure you tap [Authorize] and launch the DeFi Wallet app, you should then be seeing the “Connection success” modal when the app is launched - if DeFi Wallet is not launched with the “Connection success” modal, the connection is incomplete. Please retry again from step 5.

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