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Can I connect multiple wallets to my App?
Can I connect multiple wallets to my App? DeFi Wallet

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You can only connect one wallet to your App account at a time, as connecting more than one DeFi Wallet to the same App account is not supported at this moment.

If you have imported the same wallet (via the recovery phrase) on multiple devices, you will be able to connect the second Wallet (on a second device) to your App account, but this will disconnect the App from your first Wallet.

How can I connect a different wallet when I have multiple wallets on DeFi Wallet App to the App?

Assuming that you have already connected a wallet, e.g. Wallet 1, to the App, in order to connect a different wallet, e.g. Wallet 2, to the App, you will first need to disconnect Wallet 1 from App before you initiate the connection for Wallet 2.

Here are the steps to disconnect a wallet from the App:

  1. Go to Settings menu

  2. Tap on “ App” under “Connect to App” section

  3. You will arrive to the next screen where you can see the following

  4. Tap on the [Disconnect] button and confirm to disconnect

  5. You will then be redirected back to the Settings menu

After you are done with disconnecting a wallet, you can then initiate another connection to the App. You can pick which wallet you would like to connect to the App as shown below.

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