Step 1: Register Pay Account

Sign up for a Pay account, if you don't already have one.

Once you have access to the Pay Merchant Dashboard, You will be able to generate a secret key and publishable key pair. The API keys can be found inside the Developers > API Keys tab.

After that, please navigate to Developers > Webhooks tab. Click the Add Webhook button and then input https://<your-store-url>/index.php?route=extension/payment/crypto/callback as the Payload URL, then a signature secret for webhook is generated.

Step 2: Install the extension on OpenCart

  1. Download the Pay extension from the OpenCart Marketplace. If you use OpenCart Cloud, you may also search for the extension in the marketplace and install it.

  2. In to admin panel, click Extensions > Installer, then you can upload the extension zip file in the installer page.

  3. Proceed to Extensions > Extensions and select Payments under Choose the extension type dropdown box. Then, click the Install button to install Pay.

Step 3: Setup Pay on OpenCart

After installing the Pay extension in the Extensions page, you can click Edit button to configure it.

If you are testing with Test Data mode in Pay Merchant dashboard, please select Test under the Environment dropdown box. Otherwise, please select Live.

After that, please fill in secret key, publishable key and webhook signature secret on the page using the values you obtained from Step 1.

Step 4: Verify the flow

At this point, Pay is fully integrated with your OpenCart store. But it is recommended to try the payment flow at least once.

For the convenience of testing, you may enable Test Data mode in Pay Merchant Dashboard. By following Step 1 in Test Data mode, you will be able to obtain another set of secret key, publishable key and webhook signature secret.

After that, please navigate to the OpenCart admin panel, follow Step 3 to input the settings and select Live under Environment. Now you are able to test your store without carrying out an actual transaction.

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