Step 1: Register Pay Account

Sign up for a Pay account, if you don't already have one.

Navigate to the “Activation” tab on your dashboard and, complete the KYC requirements.

Once you have access to the Pay Merchant Dashboard, You will be able to generate a secret key and publishable key pair. The API keys can be found inside the Developers > API Keys tab.

Step 2: Install the plugin on PrestaShop

You can download the Pay plugin from our GitHub Repository or PrestaShop Addon Marketplace

  1. Download the addon zip archive.

  2. Go to PrestaShop admin panel > Modules > Modules Manager.

  3. Upload the addon zip archive using the Upload a Module function.

Step 3: Setup Pay on PrestaShop

After installing the Pay addon, you will see “ Pay” in the Modules Manager page, then click Configure.

If you are testing with Test Data mode in Pay Merchant dashboard, please select Test in API mode. Otherwise, please select Live.

Fill in secret key and publishable key on the page using the values you obtained from Step 1, then copy Webhook Url from the page.

Navigate back to merchant dashboard, go to Developers > Webhooks tab. Click the Add Webhook button and then paste the Webhook Url copied into Payload URL, then a signature secret for webhook is generated. Paste this signature secret in the Configure page of PrestaShop Pay addon.

Step 4: Verify the flow

At this point, Pay is fully integrated with your PrestaShop store. But it is recommended to try the payment flow at least once.

Here is the flow:

  1. Your customer chooses Pay as a payment method

  2. Once the Pay With Pay button has been clicked, a checkout window with a QR code will be launched. Customer can use the Wallet App to scan the QR code and initiates the payment approval process.

  3. When Pay approves the payment, the checkout window will indicate that the payment has been approved and your order status will also be updated.

Step 5: Configure Account for LIVE transactions

Once the payment flow is thoroughly tested, you could enable LIVE transactions by following the below:

  1. Log in to the merchant account

  2. Make sure the Test Data button at the menu bar is switched off.

  3. Click Developers tab on Dashboard menu bar, follow Step 1 of this guide to generate a new set of publishable key and secret key values for Live Data mode.

  4. In the Configure page of PrestaShop Pay addon, select Live for API Mode, and then follow Step 3 to add a new webhook for Live Data mode, copy these keys and secrets.

  5. Paste secret key, publishable key and webhook signature secret on the Configure page using the values you obtained for Live Data mode.

Congratulations, you could now accept cryptocurrency payments in Live Data mode.

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