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New App User Incentive
New App User Incentive

Purchase Crypto with credit/debit card without fees for the first seven days

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First 7 days fee waiver

New App users* (approved after September 26th, 2022, 04:00 UTC) will be able to purchase crypto with their credit/debit card without any fees for 7 days after their first purchase, with the exception of stablecoin purchases in which credit/debit card fees are applicable. The offer will end at 23:59:59 UTC on the 7th day.

For example, if a App user's first purchase is on September 26th, 2022 at 04:00:01 UTC. The 7th day would be October 3rd, 2022. Therefore the fee waiver would end on October 3rd, 2022 23:59:59 UTC.

Please refer here for the credit/debit card fee thereafter.

Please note that credit/debit card promotions for Spot trading (e.g., 7-day fee waiver for credit/debit card purchases) do not apply to Target Price Orders placed using a credit/debit card.

*Users from the following markets are eligible for this waiver promotion:

  1. Australia

  2. Austria

  3. Bahamas

  4. Bahrain

  5. Belgium

  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  7. Bulgaria

  8. Canada

  9. Croatia

  10. Curaçao

  11. Cyprus

  12. Czech Republic

  13. Denmark

  14. Estonia

  15. Finland

  16. France

  17. Germany

  18. Gibraltar

  19. Greece

  20. Hong Kong

  21. Hungary

  22. Iceland

  23. Ireland

  24. Italy

  25. Japan

  26. Kuwait

  27. Malta

  28. New Zealand

  29. Netherlands

  30. Norway

  31. Oman

  32. Portugal

  33. Qatar

  34. Romania

  35. Saudi Arabia

  36. Singapore

  37. Slovakia

  38. Slovenia

  39. South Korea

  40. Spain

  41. Sweden

  42. Switzerland

  43. Taiwan

  44. Thailand

  45. United Arab Emirates

  46. United Kingdom

  47. United States of America reserves the right to update, modify, suspend, or end this incentive, or any aspects of this incentive, at any time at its sole discretion without providing prior notice.

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