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Perpetual Contracts Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)
Perpetual Contracts Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

General Information about Perpetual Contracts Trading

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Perpetual Contract activities are offered as part of the Exchange. Perpetual Contract trading allows eligible users to use leverage to open a position larger than the balance of the Account. The Perpetual Contract Trading FAQs (“FAQS”) provide additional details on how users can conduct trading activity for Perpetual Contract products.

Perpetual Contract activities are subject to the Addendum – Derivatives Terms and Conditions (“Addendum”) and form part of our Agreement with you. Please refer to clause 5 “Risk Disclosure Statement” of the Addendum for a summary of the key risks. Defined terms have the meaning in the Addendum and Exchange Terms and Conditions unless stated otherwise. You should read these FAQs with the Addendum before undertaking any derivative trading activities:

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