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Fiat Wallet - GBP Fiat Wallet Deposits via Faster Payment Service (FPS)

Everything about GBP bank deposits via Faster Payment Service (FPS) - Set up and common issues

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Updated over a week ago App users in the UK can now easily deposit and withdraw GBP using the Faster Payments Service (FPS).

How do I set up my GBP Fiat Wallet?

You can set up your GBP Fiat Wallet by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Fiat Wallet” from the “Menu” Button, OR from the home screen, tap “Accounts” > “Fiat Wallet”, OR from the home screen, tap “Deposit” > “Fiat”

  2. Tap ‘+ Set Up New Currency’ > ‘British Pound‘;

  3. Read and accept the Fiat Wallet Terms and Conditions;

  4. Provide your UK residential address* and submit your application.

*Your residential address will be auto-populated if it was verified for your Visa Card application. Please update the address if necessary.

After you submit your application, we may require you to provide additional supporting documents. We will notify you via the App once your application is approved.

How do I deposit GBP funds?

Once you have successfully set up your GBP Fiat Wallet, you will be provided with the FPS bank transfer details to make GBP deposits.

Please use the information below to initiate the transfer(s) from your own bank account:

Bank Name

BCB Payments Ltd

Account Holder Name

Foris DAX MT Limited

Sort Code


Account Number


Unique Code

(unique to each user, visible in the GBP fiat wallet section)

You must ALWAYS include this code in the reference field of your transfer!


5 Merchant Square

London, W2 1AS

United Kingdom

For ease of access, this information (including the unique reference code) can be seen from the (Deposit -> Fiat -> GBP -> FPS) fiat wallet section and can be sent to your email address.

We will use your unique code in the reference section of the transfer to identify and credit your deposits automatically.

Please be aware of the following regarding GBP deposits:

  • Ensure you have included the correct unique code in the reference section of the transfer. Incorrect or missing unique codes will result in delayed access to funds or a return of funds to the sending bank account.

  • We accept GBP transfers from bank accounts in the name of the registered account holder ONLY.

    • Deposits will be rejected and returned if оriginating from a third party. This process may take up to 7 business days.

In case your deposit has not been processed within this timeframe or some of the details have not been properly submitted, please contact us at [email protected] and attach a proof of payment including your name as a sender, the date, amount and currency of the transaction, sender`s bank details, recipient bank details, reference, as well as any other details relevant for the transfer.

Deposit Limits

You can deposit up to £250,000 per transaction. Prime users can deposit up to the sending institution’s limits.

What is the fee to deposit funds into my GBP Fiat Wallet? does not charge fees for GBP deposits and withdrawals via FPS, but the customer’s bank may apply a processing fee.

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