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How does the What’s New Feed in the mobile application work?
How does the What’s New Feed in the mobile application work?

Guidelines to the What’s New Feed notifications

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What is the What’s New Feed in the App?

The What’s New Feed is your central hub for essential notices, alerts, and other updates relating to your account.

How do I access the What’s New Feed?

To access the What’s New Feed, simply tap the Bell icon at the top of the home screen.

Notifications Types

What types of notifications will I receive?

You’ll receive feature updates, promotional offers, and other notifications that enhance your App experience. We have exciting upgrades planned — watch this space!

Will I receive notifications when I’m not using the app?

Even if you're not using the app, you will receive notifications if you have enabled them. You can also check them later by visiting the What’s New Feed.

Notifications Updates

How do I know if there are new notifications in the What’s New Feed?

A red dot next to the Bell icon indicates new notifications. The red dot will disappear once you open the feed, even if you have not read all the new updates.

Notifications not opened and read in the What’s New Feed will be marked with a blue dot. Once you have opened the notification, the blue dot will disappear.

Do notifications expire?

Time-sensitive notifications, such as announcements about limited-time promotions, will be removed when they are no longer valid. All other notifications will be available for three (3) months after they are posted.

Notifications will not be cleared if you log out of the App and log back in.

Can I view past notifications?

Yes, all notifications that have not expired can be viewed in the What’s New Feed for three (3) months after they are posted. You can scroll back and check your notification history at any time.

How long is my notification history kept?

Notifications are cleared three (3) months after they are posted. In some cases, important notifications relating to your account may be available longer.

How are notifications ranked in the What’s New Feed?

Notifications are displayed chronologically, with the most recent appearing at the top.

Personalisation and Privacy

Are the notifications personalised?

Some notifications are personalised based on your jurisdiction. Rest assured that we will only send you the most relevant notifications.

What are the steps taken to ensure privacy and data protection in the What’s New Feed?

The safety of your account and data is our top priority, and we are committed to being fully transparent about how your information is used.

We only collect and store essential user data required for delivering personalised notifications. You also have the option to opt in or opt out of any notifications. For details, please review the Privacy Notice.

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