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Futures Contract Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)
Futures Contract Trading Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

General Information about Futures Contract Trading

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What is a Future Contract?

A Futures Contract is a derivatives product that tracks the performance of an underlying virtual asset, such as BTC or ETH. It has a fixed expiry date and uses a regular payment mechanism between the counterparties. Payments occur every 1 hour, where the average price of the Futures Contract will be reset to the session Mark Price at the start of each 1-hour period. On the expiry date, the final settlement price will be calculated as the TWAP of the last 60 minutes of trading before maturity.

The Futures Contract Trading FAQs (“FAQs”) provide details on how users can conduct margin trading activities with Futures Contracts. Futures Contract trading is subject to the Derivatives Trading Terms and Conditions (“Addendum”) and the Exchange Terms and Conditions (Exchange T&Cs).

Please refer to the “Risk Disclosure Statement” (clause 5) of the Addendum for a summary of the key risks associated with Futures Contract trading.

The terms used in the FAQs are consistent with those found in the Addendum and the Exchange T&Cs. Please read these FAQs and the Addendum before carrying out derivative trading activities.

If you are in any doubt about trading Futures Contracts, please seek professional advice and ensure that the product is suitable for your financial situation, investment experience, and investment objectives.

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