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What is a Target Price Order?

It is an order request, which allows you to specify your preferred price for executing a buy or sell order.

What is a Target Buy Order?

It is a Target Price Order to purchase cryptocurrency at a specific price.

What is a Target Sell Order?

It is a Target Price Order to sell cryptocurrency at a specific price.

Can I amend a Target Price Order?

Target Price Orders cannot be amended. But if your order has not been executed yet, then you can proceed to cancel it and place another one.

Can I cancel a Target Price Order?

You can always cancel your order (unless specified) by going to the Menu and tapping Target Price > Open Orders. However, this will be subject to the status of your order. If your order has been executed, no cancellation will be allowed.

Is there an expiry date for a Target Price Order?

There is no expiry date. Your order will be ‘Open’ until it hits the specified price and is executed.

How can I check my order status?

You can do so by going to the Menu and tapping Target Price > Open Orders / Order History. We will also notify you when your order is executed via an in-app notification and an email confirmation.

Order Statuses

  • Incomplete - There was a problem with creating the order. Please try again or cancel.

  • Open - When the order is submitted and pending execution

  • Processing - When the order execution process is almost complete

  • Filled - When the order is executed

  • Cancelled - When the order is cancelled

When will my Target Price Order be executed?

Target Price Orders will be executed when the market price reaches your specified price depending on market liquidity. However, your order will remain ‘Open’ if the market price has not reached your specified price, meaning:

  • In the case of a Target Buy Order: The specified price for the purchase of cryptocurrency has not been met; or

  • In the case of a Target Sell Order: The specified price for the sale of cryptocurrency has not been met.

Payment methods:

You can set up Target Price Orders using your Crypto Wallet, Fiat Wallet*, or credit/debit card in the App.

*Please note that the Fiat Wallet is not available in Canada

How are the funds/crypto assets withdrawn from my account?

When you place a Target Price Order, we will immediately lock the respective funding amount for Target Buy Orders, or the respective crypto asset to be sold for Target Sell Orders. The funds or crypto assets cannot be used elsewhere in the App after the order is placed.

You will not be able to withdraw or transfer the respective funds or crypto assets if your order status is ‘Open’. If you would like access to the funds or crypto assets, please cancel your Target Price Order.


  • There will only be full 100% execution and no partial order executions

  • Maximum Target Price Orders: 20 live orders per user

  • Each Target Price Order has a maximum notional limit of USD $5,000 for non-Prime users. Learn more about Prime here.

  • When users place Target Price Orders, we will lock up the relevant funding amount or crypto assets immediately, and these funds or crypto assets will no longer be available for use elsewhere in the App

  • Target Price orders that are placed with a credit/debit card are valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the order will be automatically cancelled if it has not been executed and the locked credit will be released.

  • Any interest or other fees associated with your Target Price Orders charged by third parties shall be borne by you.

  • Credit/debit card promotions for Spot trading (e.g., 7-day fee waiver for credit/debit card purchases) do not apply to Target Price Orders placed using a credit/debit card.

Which markets are eligible for the Target Price Order feature?

The Target Price Order feature is available to approved App users in all jurisdictions.

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