How does Early Direct Deposit work? may get notified 1-2 days before your payroll deposit that the money is on the way. This also applies to government payments such as tax refunds where the notification can be received up to 5 days in advance. Once we get the payment instructions from the payer, we will deposit the funds into your fiat wallet account. Availability and timing can vary based on the payer and when we get payment instructions.

Does it cost extra to get paid early?

There are no additional fees! Early Direct Deposit is a free, automatic feature on your USD Fiat Wallet.

Will my payroll direct deposit always arrive early?

You should get your direct deposit one or two days earlier than your scheduled payment date unless any of the following occur:

  • You recently set up a payroll direct deposit for the first time as it can take up to two pay cycles for direct deposit to begin.

  • Your payroll deposit type is not eligible, such as a bank-to-bank transfer.

  • There is a payroll system issue with your employer.

Early Direct Deposit may depend on timing as well. Keep in mind that the payer must provide correct payment details on time so the deposit can be processed early. In cases where your deposit does not arrive early, you can expect it to be available on your scheduled payday.

Can I choose to stop receiving my direct deposits early?

This option is not available. Early Direct Deposit is an automatic feature on your USD Fiat Wallet so you can get your paycheck sooner.

How to set up or cancel your direct deposit?

To set up direct deposit for your fiat wallet account, open the app and go to Accounts > Fiat Wallet > Transfer > Deposit > USD > Bank Deposit. This is where you can find your fiat wallet’s account and routing numbers. Provide this information on your company's Direct Deposit or payroll form and you're all set.

To stop receiving direct deposits in your fiat wallet, change the instructions on your company’s direct deposit form to use another account.

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