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DeFi - Multi-Chain Token Transfers
DeFi - Multi-Chain Token Transfers

Learn more about transactions of tokens on different networks

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Why am I unable to trade CRO even though I have a CRO balance?

First, make sure that the issue is not caused by external factors like your network connection.

Next, please be aware that DeFi Wallet supports three CRO assets on different chains each requiring unique tokens as network fees:

  1. Transactions of native CRO on the Cronos POS Chain (CRO) require native CRO as network fees

  2. Transactions of CRO on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 CRO) require ETH as network fees

  3. Transactions of CRO on the Cronos network (CRC20 CRO) require CRC20 CRO as network fees

To make a CRO trade, check the network you are transacting on and ensure that you have a balance of the corresponding CRO asset to use as network fees. For example, if you are transacting on the Cronos network, you will need a CRC20 CRO balance to pay for network fees.

How can I tell if my CRO balance is native CRO, ERC20 CRO, or CRC20 CRO?

  1. Tap CRO on the home screen to go to the individual CRO page.

  2. Tap the total CRO balance to check the respective balance of the three CRO tokens

  3. Select the CRO you want to transact and go back to the individual page. You can now view the balance of the CRO token of your choice.

This process applies to all multi-chain tokens.

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