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Information about affiliate sign-up bonuses for the Exchange

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Affiliate Programme Sign-up Bonus

When signing up to the Exchange with an affiliate link or code, new users may enjoy up to 20% rebate on trading fees for 12 months. Here’s how to redeem your sign-up bonus when creating a Exchange account:

  1. Input your details. Under Referral ID, enter a valid affiliate code

How do I view my trading fee rebate details?

  1. Log in to your Exchange account and visit

  2. Under the Events & Rewards tab, navigate to the Referrals > Affiliate Trading Rebate menu. Here, you can see your 10% trading fee rebate payout details.

Can I sign up with an affiliate code if I have an existing Exchange account?

Existing Exchange users who enter a valid affiliate code within 10 days after account registration will receive up to 20% trading fee rebate for 12 months upon sign up date.

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