Affiliate Program Sign-up Bonus

When signing up to the Exchange with an affiliate link or code, new users are eligible to enjoy a 10% rebate on trading fees for 12 months. Here’s how to redeem your sign-up bonus when creating a Exchange account:

For existing App Users:

  1. Visit

  2. Click Continue as App user

  3. Confirm your App-registered email address and click Submit

  4. Check your email for a confirmation link

  5. Open the link to verify your details and ensure that you have entered a valid referral ID

For new users:

  1. Visit

  2. Input your details. Under Referral ID, enter a valid affiliate code and click Apply

  3. A banner will then be displayed, indicating that the affiliate code has been successfully applied, along with your sign-up bonus

Important: If you do not see this banner being displayed, it means that the affiliate code you have entered is no longer valid. The sign-up bonus will not be applied as well.

How do I view my trading fee rebate details?

  1. Log in to your Exchange account and visit

  2. Under the Rewards tab, navigate to the Affiliate Trading Rebate menu. Here, you can see your 10% trading fee rebate payout details.

Can I sign up with an affiliate code if I have an existing Exchange account?

Existing Exchange users who enter a valid affiliate code within 10 days after account registration will receive a 10% trading fee rebate for 12 months.

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