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At Crypto.com Pay for Business, we offer your customers the option to pay with cryptocurrencies using Crypto.com Pay Checkout - an online crypto payment checkout solution powered by the Crypto.com Chain. With a simple e-commerce platform plug-in or a few lines of codes added to your online store, you are ready to receive crypto payments from your customers.

Sample Scenario:

John runs an online T-shirt shop and he is a merchant with Crypto.com Pay. See how he accepts crypto payment from his customer:

Why choose us:

  • Competitive rates - Save up to 80% on fees when settling in your preferred currency

  • No price fluctuation - we guarantee you get credited with the amount you priced

  • Fast payments - instant crypto settlements, quickest T+1 fiat payouts

  • Accept cryptocurrencies payments from 50M+ users globally

  • And more: invoicing service, plugins for multiple popular e-commerce platforms, cash rebates for your customers who pay in CRO, etc…

To learn more about our features…

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