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What Are On-chain Payments?

All you need to know about On-Chain Payments ( Pay for Business)

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Updated over a week ago Pay for Business can help merchants to accept on-chain payments from MetaMask, WalletConnect and other cryptocurrency wallets.

Enable On-chain Payments Support

Please go to Pay Merchant Dashboard and update your Payment Method preference in the “Settings” page*.

By activating the payment method in settings on your merchant dashboard, you may already start accepting payments from other wallets. No technical changes are required.

*Please note that this feature is currently not available to US merchants.

Unresolved Payments Pay for Business only proceeds with a payment if the customer sent the exact amount within a predefined timeframe. This means in other cases, treats these as unresolved payments, meaning your payment would not be “succeeded” and your balance will not increase. However, you don’t have to worry about them because will handle the return of these funds back to the customer.

The unresolved payment types are:

  • Underpaid - when the customer sent less amount of crypto than requested

  • Late - when the customer sent the crypto after the session time (20 mins for BTC, 10 mins for other cryptocurrencies)

  • Multiple - when a new transaction has arrived after the payment had already be processed

  • Wrong Currency - when the customer sent a coin other than our What Are the Supported Payment Currencies? (Refund is not guaranteed, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

You can view these unresolved payments in the “Payments” → “Unresolved” page of Merchant Dashboard.

Please note that there is another scenario called “Overpaid” - which happens when the customer sent more than requested. In this case, only the overpaid amount will be returned to the customer (e.g. Customer paid 102 USDC for a product priced in $100 → 2 USDC will be returned to customer).

Blockchain network fees apply to these refund transactions. To understand more about customer experience in the refund flow, please refer to How to get a Refund? .

Underpayment Threshold

As mentioned above, underpaid transactions will be refunded. This could bring inconvenience to the user if a payment is only underpaid by a little.

Cryptocurrencies exchanges charge fees for withdrawals, and a majority of them deduct the fee from the amount transferred. Your customers may not aware that the net amount received would be less than the amount sent.

After the on-chain payments method is enabled, the Underpayment Threshold settings will show up. Merchant can set an acceptance threshold to avoid payments not being accepted.

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