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If you would like to initiate a refund, you can log in to Crypto.com Merchant Dashboard, select Payments, then click on the relevant transaction, and finally, click the “Refund” button and enter the refund amount.

  • For payments made using Crypto.com App, we will send the refund directly back to the customers' app account.

  • For on-chain payments, we will email the customer to ask for a valid wallet address before proceeding with the refund process. It takes some time before the customer provides the wallet address. Once we have the address, the refund will be processed.

Similar to payments, refunds are made in cryptocurrencies as well. As there could be price changes in the cryptocurrency paid, Crypto.com Pay guarantees the refund cryptocurrency amount to be the same value as the original pricing value (excluding blockchain network fees, if applicable)

If you need more information about refunds on the customer side, please refer to How to Get a Refund?

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