Go to Crypto.com
  1. Choose “Crypto.com Pay” as a payment method on the shop’s checkout page.

  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Website Terms of Use, and click the “Crypto.com Pay” button to proceed to checkout.

  3. The “Other cryptocurrency wallets” payment option will show up if the merchant supports on-chain payment options.

  4. Review the terms of using Crypto.com on-chain payment terms and enter your email address. The email address will be used in case a refund is issued from the merchant.

5. Select the cryptocurrency you desired to pay with.

6. Input the crypto amount, chain type, and recipient address (including Memo if choosing Crypto.org Chain) on your crypto wallet.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code using your crypto wallet, to input the payment information automatically.

7. After the first confirmation of your transaction occurred in the network, the following screen will be displayed. The payment will be confirmed after the 12th confirmation occurred in the network.

8. Congratulations, your purchase has been made!

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