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How do I pay at online stores using App and Pay?
How do I pay at online stores using App and Pay?

Detailed information on how to pay at online stores using App and Pay

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Step 1. Choose “ Pay” as the payment method on the shop’s checkout page.

Step 2. Review the Terms and Conditions and Website Terms of Use, and click the “ Pay” button (or the “Next” / “Continue” button in the stores) to proceed to checkout.

Step 3. You will either be redirected to or see a popup with Pay’s payment page.

Step 4. Select “ App” to pay, then a payment QR code is displayed

Step 5: Launch the App and tap Pay in Home page. Alternatively, you can open the Menu in the bottom navigational panel and tap Pay.

Step 6: Tap Scan and scan the QR code to make your payment.

Step 7: Choose a cryptocurrency to pay with and tap Continue to Review. You will receive a rebate (depending on the merchant) if you choose to complete your payment in CRO. Tap Confirm after reviewing the transaction details.

Step 8. Congratulations, your purchase has been made!

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