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Pay Invoice

Information about the process generating Pay Invoices from the merchant account

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How Do I Generate Pay Invoices?

  1. Log in to your merchant account and tap the “Invoices” button on the navigation bar at your merchant dashboard. And then, tap the “+ New Invoices” button.

2. Fill in the fields such as recipient’s email, due date, fiat currency, item(s), quantity, union price, note and internal reference.

You will be able to preview the invoice before sending by hitting the “Preview” button on the top right hand corner.

3. Tap the “Send Invoice” button to send your Pay Invoice via email.

The recipient will be able to receive the invoice instantly and pay by hitting the “ Pay” button.

The recipient will then be able to settle the invoice by scanning the QR code using the Crypto Pay feature in the App. To know more about the payment steps, please refer to this article (start from step 3).

4. You will now be able to view the status and other details of your invoice(s).

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