What Should I Know About Crypto.com Pay Checkout?

Information on Crypto.com Pay account integration, platform support and additional settings

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How can I integrate Crypto.com Pay on my Website?

Once your account is approved, you will have access to the Crypto.com Pay integration guide from your online account. Non-KYC approved users can also access the integration guide and deploy Crypto.com Pay in TEST mode.

What e-commerce platforms does Crypto.com Pay support?

Crypto.com Pay offers plugins with many of the world’s popular eCommerce solutions and the list keeps growing.

Please find below the setup guide of the plugins so you can get a quick start.

List of Plugins:

How could I use Crypto.com Pay if my website does not have a checkout page?

You could consider directly issuing a Crypto.com Pay invoice via email to collect cryptocurrency payments from your customer. The invoice feature could be accessed by tapping “invoice” at the navigation bar in the merchant dashboard.

Why am I unable to toggle the switch for Live Mode on the merchant dashboard?

The button will only be enabled for KYC approved accounts.

Do I need to download the Crypto.com Wallet App to integrate Crypto.com Pay?

No. As a merchant, you can register for the merchant account to start receiving cryptocurrency payments from your customers. You could follow the integration guide here.

Do I have to remove my existing payment gateway solutions to integrate Crypto.com Pay?

No, our integration process allows merchants to integrate the Crypto.com Pay button without removing any existing payment gateways.

Can merchants list their gift card as one of the gift card offerings in Crypto.com wallet app?

We currently do not support listing of merchants’ gift cards to Crypto.com Wallet app.

Can I integrate Crypto.com Pay as an offline merchant?

We are working with selected merchants for offline integration.

Our team will reach out to you as needed. Please follow us on our official Social Media Channels to receive the latest updates on our project.

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