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NFT Ownership Discord Verification
NFT Ownership Discord Verification

Join private Discord channels as verified holders of specific NFTs

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What is Discord NFT ownership verification?

One of the many benefits of holding NFTs is gaining access to holder-exclusive private discord channels within a Discord server. To enter these discord channels, you will need to verify that you actually own the required NFT.

Some curated creators on NFT have their own discord server for specific projects and have private channels within those servers that holders can enter by having the required NFT(s) in their NFT account.

How Do I verify my ownership?

  1. Go to the “Verification” tab in “Security Settings” under the drop down menu in the homepage

  2. Click “Generate Secret Key” to generate a one-time secret key. This will be used to identify your NFT wallet on discord. Copy this system-generated secret key.

  3. Go to the “holders-verify” channel in the supported project’s discord server and click “Verify My NFT Ownership”.*

  4. You will receive a direct message from “ NFT Verification” with instructions to copy a string of text from the message and send it in the chat together with the copied secret key**.

  5. If your NFT holdings match the channel entry requirements, the private channels will be accessible under the discord server. Note that it might take up to a few minutes before you are verified.

6. You can check out your active discord connections in the “Verification” tab where you generated the secret key.

*Each secret key is valid for 5 minutes only. If the secret key expires, generate another secret key and repeat steps 3 to 5.

**The bot will always provide you with an Anti-Phishing code, please do not interact with any chatbots that do not display an accurate Anti-Phishing code.

What happens if I sell my NFT required for certain private discord channels?

Our bot periodically scans your account for the required NFTs, and you will be automatically removed from the private channel if you no longer own the NFT.

How Do I disconnect my discord connection?

In the #nft-bot-commands channel within the discord server, type and send “!revoke” in the chat. The bot will then remove you from the channel.

You could also go to the “Verification” tab in “Security Settings” on the NFT platform and remove the Active Connections from there.

Does the secret key provide my NFT account information to Discord?

The secret key is a read-only key built for the NFT Discord Bot to identify which NFT account is tied to the Discord user. No additional information of users are provided to Discord or the Discord Bot.

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