The Great CRO-ssing

Migration of the “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cub” NFTs to the Cronos Chain

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Please refer to our blog post for more information on The Great CRO-ssing.

Are the “Loaded Lions” NFTs being moved off NFT?

The NFTs will remain in your NFT account and they will be available on the platform. The only difference is that they are now NFTs minted on the Cronos blockchain instead of the Cronos POS Chain. The Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs collection is and will always be the flagship PFP project of NFT!

What happens if my NFT is not on NFT at the time of The Great CRO-ssing?

If your “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs are not in your NFT account by 10 August 2022, 02:00 UTC, the NFTs will remain as Cronos POS Chain NFTs. Additionally, you will not be able to transfer them to Cronos by yourself to enjoy the benefits of The Great CRO-ssing.

We highly encourage users to deposit your withdrawn Lions and Cubs back to your NFT account for The Great CRO-ssing on 10 August 2022. However, we will arrange for additional migrations in the future. Should you miss The Great CRO-ssing, you can deposit your Lion or Cub back to your NFT account and we will migrate those NFTs over to the Cronos Chain in batches at the end of each month after the initial CRO-ssing.

What happens to listed and auctioned NFTs at the time of The Great CRO-ssing?

To ensure that no changes in NFT ownership occur during The Great CRO-ssing, we will be restricting auction dates for “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs to end no later than 10 August 2022, 0:00 UTC. All existing listings for the two collections will also be taken down right before The Great CRO-ssing.

You will have to re-list your “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs again after The Great CRO-ssing is complete.

Where can we now buy and sell “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs? NFT will still be the primary marketplace for all things Loaded Lions. There’s also the added benefit of being able to trade your Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs on Cronos blockchain NFT marketplaces once the collections are listed there.

How do I get my “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” on Cronos?

As The Great CRO-ssing moves the Lions and Cubs to the Cronos chain on the platform, you can withdraw them to any non-custodial wallet that supports Cronos. These include the DeFi Wallet app and DeFi Desktop Wallet. You may also download MetaMask and connect it to the Cronos Mainnet.

Download the DeFi Wallet App / DeFi Desktop Wallet here

Set up a MetaMask wallet here and follow the instructions to connect to the Cronos Mainnet here

Once your non-custodial wallet is set up, obtain its Cronos address for NFTs. You can then send your NFTs to this address. Here’s a tutorial on withdrawing collectibles from your NFT account.

Remember to select “Cronos” in the dropdown menu as the destination wallet when withdrawing your Lions and Cubs.

Will collection histories and statistics be affected?

Collection-level statistics such as trading volume and trading activity will still be retained and accumulated. However, trading histories of individual NFTs before The Great CRO-ssing will no longer be available.

What happens to “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” that remain on the Cronos POS Chain?

After The Great CRO-ssing, “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” still on the Cronos POS Chain will no longer be visible on NFT. They will be replaced by their new Cronos versions. The Cronos POS Chain-based versions of the NFTs will remain on-chain for approximately one week after The Great CRO-ssing, but they will eventually be burned.

How will my privileged access rights be affected?

Privileges like early and exclusive access for drops on NFT will not be affected by The Great CRO-ssing. Users will still be required to hold their NFTs in their NFT account to access platform-specific features.

Will access to gated Loaded Lions Discord channels be affected?

The NFT verification bot on Discord will be temporarily disabled while The Great CRO-ssing is taking place. Users who are already verified will not have to reconnect and re-verify their NFT account. They will continue to be able to access the gated channels during and after The Great CRO-ssing.

Additionally, we are currently working to add Discord verification for Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs that are withdrawn to non-custodial wallets. Therefore, Mane Netizens who withdraw their “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs from NFT will not be able to access the gated Discord channels.

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