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What is NFT Profile Avatar?

NFT Profile avatar is a new feature introduced on DeFi Wallet that allows users to use NFTs they own as profile pictures.

How to set up my profile picture when adding or importing a new account?

For a new wallet account that is just being created or imported, users can select their profile pictures on the Edit Avatar page which is the following step of setting up the newly added or imported account name.

After the wallet name of an imported wallet account is confirmed by clicking the Continue button, DeFi Wallet will automatically load the supported NFTs* stored in this wallet account and categorized in NFT collections*.

If there is no supported NFT in this account, the page will automatically switch to the default icon carousel where the user can swipe to select a profile picture from a set of default avatar pictures (not NFTs) provided by DeFi Wallet. The same handling will be applied to the newly added accounts.

Where can I edit my profile picture if I am already a DeFi Wallet user?

A default profile picture will be assigned to the existing users before they change their profile pictures. Users can always edit their profile pictures by clicking the edit icon in the upper right corner of the newly added profile picture in the Settings menu.

Besides, on the NFT detail page of a NFT collectible listed in the NFT feature, users can see a snapshot preview if the corresponding NFT was used as a profile picture. Users can click the Use as Wallet Avatar button to change the profile picture instantly.

NFTs in what formats can be used as profile pictures?

Users can use most of the image files as their profile pictures, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, and etc. But be aware that vector graphic files such as SVG will not be supported and displayed on the Edit Avatar page. Other media formats like videos or 3D models can not be used as profile avatars either.

NFTs on what blockchains will be supported?

DeFi Wallet currently supports NFTs on Ethereum and Cronos POS Chain. Please check the NFT Feature on DeFi Wallet if you want to know more.

What’s next?

More media formats including SVG, GIF, and videos are planned to be supported in future releases, along with other functionality enhancements. You are welcome to provide any feedback regarding this new feature via DeFi Wallet customer support channels.

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