Fiat Wallet - TRY Withdrawals

All you need to know about TRY withdrawals - activation, request submission, and troubleshooting

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Updated over a week ago App users can withdraw fiat funds by converting crypto into TRY and transferring the funds in their TRY Wallet to their bank account(s).

How can I withdraw funds back to my bank account?

  1. Go to your Fiat Wallet from the Menu and tap Transfer > Withdraw > Fiat

  2. From your TRY balance, tap Withdraw TRY

  3. Review the withdrawal process and tap Withdraw Now

  4. Input the withdrawal amount and select the bank account you are withdrawing funds to

  5. Review and confirm the withdrawal request

  6. We will notify you once the withdrawal is processed

Which bank account(s) can I use to withdraw my funds?

There are two options for selecting the bank account you are withdrawing funds to:

Option 1

You can withdraw to bank accounts you have used to deposit funds into the App. The most recently used accounts for deposits will be automatically shown in the list.

Option 2

You can manually enter your bank account’s IBAN number. Simply go to the withdrawal drawer in your Fiat Wallet and tap Add a Bank Account. Follow the onscreen instructions and tap Submit to save your bank account. You can then proceed to make withdrawals.

Important note

The name of the bank account you provide must match the legal name associated with your App account. Mismatched names will result in a failed withdrawal and fees may be deducted by the receiving bank for processing the refund.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Daily Withdrawal Limit

150,000 TRY

Monthly Withdrawal Limit

1,000,000 TRY

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