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Former Wallets to Sub-account Migration
Former Wallets to Sub-account Migration

Information on former wallets to sub-accounts migration for GEN 3.0 Exchange

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What happened to my former wallets after the GEN 3.0 Exchange migration?

Your former Wallets (Spot, Margin and Derivatives) will be migrated to replicate the 1:1 Account-Wallet framework:

All former Wallets (Spot, Margin and Derivatives) will be mapped into its own respective Account or Sub-account.

In GEN 3.0 Exchange, each and every Account (incl. Sub-accounts) will only contain only one corresponding Wallet (“One Wallet”), rather than 3 separate Wallets (Spot, Margin and Derivatives) per Account as experienced in previous Exchange versions. If you are eligible, you will be able to trade Spot, Margin and Derivatives with the new One Wallet, without the need for three different wallets.

How can I identify my former wallets in the GEN 3.0 Exchange?

If your former Master account or sub-accounts have more than one wallet, we will differentiate the newly replicated sub-accounts by numbers. You can also view the former wallet type of the newly replicated sub-accounts in the Account Management page when you are logged into your Master Account.

While you are on your Master Account, navigate to Account Management page:

User Centre > Account Management page

  • Refer to “Former Wallet” column to identify the former wallet type

A newly created sub-account in GEN 3.0 Exchange will not have a former wallet type in the column.

Additional Note:

For more information on sub-account management, refer to the FAQ on Sub-accounts here.

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