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Staking - How does it work?
Staking - How does it work?

Learn how to earn rewards and secure the top blockchains with the Staking feature in the App.

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What is the Staking feature?

The Staking feature in the App lets you earn rewards and secure the top blockchains by locking up your assets, where you enjoy:

  • Convenience: Easily put the idle assets in your Crypto Wallet to work and receive returns proportional to the amount staked

  • Regular Payouts: Receive rewards in line with blockchain protocol*

  • Flexibility: Able to unstake anytime once the asset is activated**

  • Safety: maintains separate blockchain addresses and wallets for facilitating the staking of users’ assets

* Dependent on the generation of rewards determined and received by the blockchain protocol

** Please note that supported blockchains may independently impose minimum bonding or unbonding periods.

How do I stake my assets?

It only takes a few steps to get started with the Staking feature in the App:

  1. From the Menu, tap Staking

  2. Select the asset you’d like to stake

  3. Enter the staking amount

  4. Review the staking details and agree to the Staking Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice before tapping Confirm Stake

  5. Enter your passcode or use Face/Touch ID to submit your staking request

For information on how to check the status of your staking requests, see ‘How do I know if my asset is staked?’

What happens when I stake more of the same asset?

When you stake more of the same asset, the new stake will begin earning rewards when the transaction status changes to 'Staked' after the Activation Period has ended. Your previous stake will not be impacted.

How does staking work?

Staking is a crucial aspect of Proof of Stake protocols. It allows users to participate in the network by locking up their tokens and becoming validators. Validators are responsible for verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain.

In return for their services, validators receive rewards in the form of newly minted tokens. Staking incentivises users to hold onto their tokens and actively participate in the network, which helps to secure the protocol and maintain its integrity.

Additionally, staking can help to reduce the volatility of the token's price by reducing the supply of tokens available for trading.

Each protocol has a different staking structure and mechanism. They are maintained and supported by various third-party projects who are distinct and separate from

Are my virtual assets at risk while they’re staked?

When you stake virtual assets, such virtual assets are programmatically staked to the relevant supported blockchains via third-party node validators.

Please read the PoS Staking Terms and Conditions carefully in relation to the risks of "slashing", which may occur when the transaction validator representing those assets incorrectly validates or fails to validate a transaction. As a result, there may be non-payment of validation rewards and the staked virtual assets may be subject to a penalty.

Please conduct your own due diligence and consult your advisors before making any decision including whether to participate in On-chain Staking and related transactions

Which virtual assets does Staking currently support? currently supports the following virtual assets for staking:

Virtual Asset

Minimum Staking Period**

Estimated Time to Receive First Reward***

Rewards Crediting Destination****

Unbonding Period

Ethereum* (ETH)


Depending on network conditions (days to weeks)

Available Balance

Est. 5 days or more

Depending on network conditions




3 - 7 days

Staked Balance

5 days or less




2 - 5 days

Staked Balance

29 days




2 - 5 days

Available Balance

Est. 5 days or more

Depending on network conditions




2 - 5 days

Available Balance

Est. 29 days or more

* ETH is not available for staking in Australia.

**The minimum staking amount for all tokens is 1.00E-08.

***There is no minimum staking period or fixed term imposed by Your staked virtual assets will start earning rewards after activation and post-processing with the validator. Please note that you may not receive rewards if you choose to unstake your virtual assets early or if the rewards fall below the minimum decimal precision, currently set at 1.00E-08.

****You may find information regarding the estimated time to receive your first reward in the App before you stake. Please note that the timeline may be subject to change depending on the applicable blockchain network activity.

*****For supported blockchain protocols that offer compounded rewards, your rewards will be disbursed to your Staked Balance. For protocols not offering compounded rewards, your rewards will be credited to the Available Quantity in your Wallet and can be withdrawn.

Who can participate in Staking?

All verified App users who are not citizens or residents of the following jurisdictions are eligible to use the Staking feature:

  • The United States of America and its territories

  • Canada

  • Hong Kong SAR

  • South Korea

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Malta

I am from an eligible region, but why can’t I see Staking in the app?

If you do not see the Staking feature anywhere in the App or Exchange Web, please contact us via the in-app chat.

How do I know if my asset is staked?

You can view the status of your staking request by tapping the Menu button before navigating to > Staking > My Portfolio and tapping on the relevant asset.

Staking Details showcasing the full transaction timeline

Individual Transaction Details

Here’s what each transaction status means:




Your staking request is received by

Activating has accepted your staking request and your assets will be staked soon. The Activating status will remain until your assets are staked on-chain.

Note: The staking frequency for depends on the individual blockchain's epoch cycles.


Your assets are successfully staked and will start generating rewards. This is the final stage of your staking transaction.


Your staking request is rejected, and your assets have been returned to your Crypto Wallet.

You may initiate another staking request or reach out to our Customer Support Team at [email protected].

What are the reward rates for each blockchain?

The reward rates for successful validations are dependent on the blockchain network. The rates listed in the App are an estimation based on data from validators and are subject to change.

The actual rewards will be distributed to you when they are generated (or unbonded, as applicable) by the respective blockchain protocol. They will be the rewards received from validators after the deduction of service fees charged by does not guarantee any return or any particular rate of return. Please note that only virtual assets that have already been staked on-chain are eligible for rewards for the time the rewards are due.

How often do I receive the rewards?

You will receive rewards up to three times a week, depending on the blockchain protocols.

How do I check my Staking rewards?

You can view your staking rewards by tapping on the Menu button, navigating to > Staking > My Portfolio and tapping on the relevant asset. Please note that only rewards greater than 0.00000001 will be distributed.

The Reward Transaction Details column indicates where the rewards will be credited. The destinations are generally as follows:

  • For protocols that offer compounded rewards (i.e., DOT, SOL), rewards are credited to your Staked Balance.

  • For rewards that are non-compounded (i.e., ETH, MATIC, CRO), the rewards are credited to your Crypto Wallet.

How do I unstake?

Unstaking is a simple process that requires just a few steps:

  1. Tap on the Menu button and navigate to Staking > My Portfolio

  2. Tap on the asset you’d like to unstake

  3. On the Details page, tap the Unstake button

  4. Enter the amount you’d like to unstake and tap Confirm Unstake. Please note that by confirming to unstake your assets, you are making an irrevocable request to redeem them, and they will stop earning rewards.

  5. Enter your passcode or use Face/Touch ID to submit your unstaking request

  6. Get notified when your unstaking request is processed

When unstaking your assets, please note the following:

  • While does not impose lock-up periods, some protocols may impose an unbonding period for unstaking. For more information, please see ‘What is unbonding?’.

  • Staking requests under the Activating status are not eligible for unstaking. Assets can only be unstaked once the transaction’s status is changed to Staked.

For information on checking the status of your unstaking requests, see ‘How do I know if my asset is unstaked?’.

How do I know if my asset is unstaked?

You’ll be notified via a push notification once your asset is unstaked. To view the status of your unstaking transactions, tap on the Menu button, navigate to > Staking > My Portfolio and tap on the relevant asset.

Here’s what each unstaking status means:




Your unstaking request is received by


Your stake is undergoing unbonding. The time required for unbonding depends on the network and is outside’s control.


Your assets are unstaked, and they have been returned to your Crypto Wallet.

What is unbonding?

Unbonding is the process of withdrawing one's stake from a network. There is typically a waiting period when the user's stake gradually becomes available for withdrawal. This waiting period helps to prevent malicious actors from quickly withdrawing their stake in response to a sudden market shift or another unforeseen event.

Unbonding is an important mechanism for maintaining the security and stability of Proof of Stake networks.

Virtual assets will not generate rewards during the unbonding period.

Does charge any fees for staking?

Service fees charged by are deducted from your staking rewards. They are as follows:

  • SOL: 20%

  • DOT: 20%

  • ETH: 15%

  • MATIC - 20%

  • CRO - 20% reserves the right to update the fee occasionally at our sole discretion.

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