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How to Set Up Your Digital Wallet? (EU)
How to Set Up Your Digital Wallet? (EU)

Information on Google Pay configuration for EU-issued Visa Cards

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It only takes a few simple steps to add your Visa Card to the Google Pay app:

Please note that the Google Pay integration is only available for EU-issued Visa Cards (excludes UK-issued cards).

1. Go to your Google Pay app

2. Select Payment Card

3. Scan your card or manually enter its details

4. Confirm your card details and tap Continue

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions

6. Request an SMS one-time password (OTP)

7. Enter your SMS OTP

8. Set up completed!

What if I did not receive my SMS OTP?

Please follow the steps below if you did not receive an SMS one-time password (OTP):

  1. Call the hotline shown on the back of your Visa Card: +33 1 76 42 00 95

  2. A live agent will assist you with your digital wallet registration. They will ask you to answer a brief series of questions to verify your identity.

  3. Once your identity is confirmed, the agent will pass your request to a customer service specialist for further assistance. They will inform you that the verification process is complete, and you may terminate the call.

  4. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered phone number within 48 hours.

  5. If you don't receive the SMS, please contact our support team via our in-app chat.

Please refer to this article for other Digital Wallet FAQs.

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