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The Exchange API Broker Programme introduced the Sub-Broker feature, allowing brokers to boost their trading volume and commission by collaborating with smaller sub-brokers.

What is a sub-broker?

A sub-broker is a smaller broker who collaborates with a larger broker. This could be a social trading broker who provides algorithmic trading on the main broker’s platform. These sub-brokers can either be retail or institutional users, but they cannot be an existing broker. The sub-brokers’ trading volumes will be accounted for when classifying the main broker’s tier.

Broker + Sub-Broker Model

Brokers can assign a percentage of commission they earn to their sub-broker and to their community. These percentages will be deducted from their overall commission earned.

Who is eligible to be a sub-broker?

Sub-brokers must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • They must not be an existing affiliate

  • They must not be an existing broker

  • They must have an existing Exchange account

How to add a Sub-Broker?

Brokers can navigate to their Broker dashboard. Under Commission Management, scroll to the Brokers & Sub-Brokers section.

  1. Click Add Sub-Broker

  2. Input the sub-broker’s Exchange account email and name. Then, allocate the commission split with your sub-broker. The total percentage must add up to 100%.

  1. Once complete, click Confirm and a pop-up window will appear. Review the details and click Confirm once you’re ready.

  2. You’ll see a new row showcasing your sub-broker’s details. You can edit the commission split and delete the sub-broker in this section.

Placing Orders and Tracking Rebates

Once you have added a sub-broker, a sub-broker code will be generated. When submitting an API order (private/create-order), include the assigned sub-broker code to the broker_id attribute. The broker_id will now be the main identifier when calculating the commission earned. Please note that this code is case sensitive. For more information, please visit this page.

For example:

Your broker code is "ABCD"

Your sub-broker code is “ABCD_XYZ”

When you create an order for the sub-broker trade, you need to input the sub-broker code in the "broker_id" section, like so:


"id": 1,

"nonce" : 1610905028000,

"method": "private/create-order",

"params": {

"instrument_name": "BTCUSD-PERP",

"side": "SELL",

"type": "LIMIT",

"price": "50000.5",

"quantity": "1",

"client_oid": "c5f682ed-7108-4f1c-b755-972fcdca0f02",

"exec_inst": ["POST_ONLY"],

"time_in_force": "FILL_OR_KILL"

"broker_id": "ABCD_XYZ"



I am a sub-broker. How can I view the commission I’ve earned?

Log in to your Exchange account and navigate to Events & Rewards > Broker. In this section, you can view all your commission details.

Sub-broker will receive their commission daily and will be deposited straight to their Exchange account.

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