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All about: Data Privacy
All about: Data Privacy

Below are some tips to help you better understand the risks and learn about how you can improve your own personal security and privacy.

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At we’re committed to Security. We are the first crypto company to achieve some of the industry's highest security standards. We’re constantly investing heavily in our people, technology, and processes to maintain the highest standards.

As an industry leader, we believe we have an obligation to share our best knowledge and good practices with our customers.

Regardless if you’re an experienced Exchange trader, heavy App user, DeFi Wallet storer or are planning to start your journey with crypto this very moment - Cybersecurity and Privacy threats are real and the same for everyone.

The most common bad habits

  • The device unlock sequence/passcode is the same as App or DeFi Wallet

  • Passing around Visa Card when meeting friends so that they can feel its premium finishing before ordering it too

  • DeFi Wallet recovery phrase is kept on the same device as the Wallet App

  • App/Exchange accounts shared the same password as the registered email account

  • The same email address is used for various crypto wallets, services and exchanges

  • The app used for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is installed on the same device as the App

DO’s and DON’Ts

When it comes to your privacy and security, there’s not much room left for convenience. These are the priority aspects for which it is worth making compromises.

  • Use a unique email address to register an account
    Works best when paired with anti-phishing code.

  • Use strong and unique passwords (consider installing password management software)
    With a password manager, you can free your mind from having to remember multiple password combinations. Just make sure your master password is strong yet easy for you to remember, like phrases that are only meaningful to you.

  • Never publish or share the backside of your Visa Card with anyone Make sure to always pay with a card yourself. Avoid sharing your card with others at social gatherings.

  • Do not share credentials to your account(s) like MFA, PIN or password with anyone
    No one from will ever ask for your login credentials, private keys, MFA security codes or recovery phrases, no matter which mode of communication you use to communicate with us.

  • Do not store your MFA recovery code and DeFi Wallet recovery phrase on the same device you use to access our products
    Multi-medium backup is a standard that will help you to conveniently recover access to your account in case of loss of device with your Multi-factor Authentication.

  • Do not store passwords and logins in an unencrypted form
    Don't sacrifice security for momentary convenience. One cannot predict the exact timing for accidental device loss or an unauthorized, 3rd party access attempt. You must always be prepared and protected.

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