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Your recovery phrase is very important to you as it is the master private key to accessing and spending your crypto assets. In the event of device theft, loss, or failure, your recovery phrase is literally the ultimate key to regaining access to your funds by importing your wallet on another device - Crypto.com will not keep a copy!

Crypto.com Wallet allows you to skip the backup recovery phrase flow during onboarding as we want to make sure you’re in a safe and private place before you go ahead to write down your 12-word phrase.

As soon as you find a safe and private place, do start to back up your recovery phrase immediately - just like how you would set a PIN code for your ATM card as soon as you receive it.

  1. You can enter the backup recovery phrase from the following entry points -

    • During onboarding: You should see the backup recovery phrase flow right after you create a 6-digit passcode for your wallet.

    • After onboarding: You can easily back up your recovery phrase by navigating to

      • On the ‘Success’ page after creating your wallet > Tap [Back Up Now]

      • Home screen > Backup recovery phrase reminder > Tap the reminder

      • Or Settings > Tap [Recovery Phrase]

      • Tap [Back up Now] in the Recovery Phrase reminder pop-up when you launch the app

  2. Read each statement carefully and check each box after doing so. Additionally, ensure that you are in a safe and private place before proceeding. Please do not continue with the backup process if you are in a public area!

  3. Tap [Reveal my recovery phrase] to see your 12-word phrase on the following screen.

  4. Write down your 12-word recovery phrase in the right order. We do not recommend that you screenshot your recovery phrase.

  5. Tap [Continue] once you have finished writing the 12-word phrase down and cross-checked to make sure you got them right.

  6. Confirm your recovery phrase by tapping the words in the right order before tapping [Continue].

  7. Success! Your recovery phrase is backed up.

  8. Tap [Back to Home] to start managing your crypto and digital assets.

Where can I revisit my recovery phrase and security tips?

  1. Go to Settings > Security, tap [Recovery Phrase]

  2. Enter your passcode to revisit your recovery phrase

  3. Tap [Continue] and go back to Settings

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